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Japanese Lesson

Crossword 42



2.  “Words” in Japanese
4. A ____ (window) is an opening in the wall for light and airflow- these days it is usually covered with glass
5. The proverb “___ (lie) mo hoben” means “circumstances may justify a lie”
7. People enjoy the milk and meat of this animal, the second of the twelve Japanese zodiac symbols
9. ___ mori is a prefecture located on the northern tip of Honshu
10. ____ means a “basket” or “small birdcage”
13. “Garden” in Japanese
14. ____ or shichi is “seven” in Japanese

1. On Setsubun (in early February) in Japan, people throw ___ (beans) to expel evil spirits from their homes
2. “Corner” in Japanese
3. Originally meaning “place,” ____ also refers to a sumo wrestling tournament
5. The small, cute mammal that is a symbol of Easter
6. “Cousin” in Japanese
8. If it’s a noun, ____ means “door,” but it can also mean “and”
10. Cylindrical metal container or canister
11. “Silver” in Japanese
12. Donburi refers to a big bowl, while cha____ refers to a small bowl



















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