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Japanese Crossword 46



1. Six is _____ in Japanese: since June is the sixth month of the year, it’s called _____gatsu
5. ____ means “name” by itself and is often used in compounds like ___mae (name), ___fuda (nameplate), and ate____ (addressee)
6. “You” in Japanese
8. Meaning “a danger,” the noun ____ is also used in the na-adjective _____na (dangerous)
10. ____ is “hill” in Japanese and is sometimes used to signify “land” as opposed to ocean
13. The astrological sign for those born between May 22 and June 21 is ______za (Gemini), which is named after ______ (twin)-shaped stars.
14. There are 43 ____ (prefectures) in Japan.
15. An i-adjective meaning “smelly”


1. “Orchid” in Japanese
2. The astrological sign starting on June 22 is ______za (Cancer), named after ______ (crab)-shaped stars
3. “Luck” in Japanese. “___ ga ii” is a phrase meaning “lucky,” and “___ ga warui” means “unlucky.”
4. Meaning “finish,” ____ is often used in compounds like ___peki (perfection), ___zen (immaculacy), and ___sei (completion)
7. A white, soft food item made from soybeans and usually available in soft, medium, and firm textures
8. A verb meaning “to win”––since it sounds the same as ____ (cutlet), Japanese eat cutlets when they want to win something
9. A type of mushroom that has a tiny head and a long, skinny neck
11. There are 23 ___ (wards) in Tokyo
12. The act of imitating something or impersonating someone is called _____;  ____suru is the verb form






















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