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Japanese Lesson

Japanese Crossword 28

1. Written using the Chinese character for “large place,” a _____ is a square where people can gather
5. The core or heart of a thing or object
7. A mourning period
8. The initials of the legendary sixteenth-century warlord who governed the region of Kai (Yamanashi Prefecture)
9. An ear of barley or rice is called a ____ in Japanese
10. The _____-sho is a prestigious literary award established in commemoration of the novelist Sanjugo _____
12. Soybean flour

2. “Evening” or “night” in Japanese
3. Mark or target of a shooting
4. Surplus or remainder
6. A beige or pale orange color is called ____-iro in Japanese, signifying Japanese people’s skin color
8. White is called _____
11. Nobunaga ___ is a sixteenth century warlord who was the inspiration for the video game Nobunaga no Yabo