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Japanese Lesson

Japanese Crossword 40


1.  “Riddle” or “mystery” in Japanese
5. ____ primarily means “hand(s)” and can also mean “method” or “strategy”  depending on the context
6. November 3 is a national holiday in Japan called ____ no Hi (Culture Day)
10. Capital city of Ibaraki Prefecture, famous for its beautiful plum tree garden, Kairaku-en
11. Japan consists of 47 governmental prefectures: one ending with the suffix -to, two with -fu, one with do and the 43 others ending in ____
12. ____-ru is a verb meaning “to put,” “to load” or “to give someone a ride”
13. Attached at the end of a noun, ___ signifies “house” or “institution,” as in byo-____ (hospital)
14. ____, starchy root vegetables in Japanese, such as satsuma-____ (sweet potato) sato-___ (taro) and jaga-___ (potato)

2. A ____ is a Japanese-style, flat square cushion
3. A wooden board is called a ____ in Japanese
4. Ko-___ is a park, tei-___ is a garden and kaju-___ is an orchard
7. “Relationship” in Japanese
8. City famous for its porcelain located in the western part of Saga Prefecture: its porcelain is internationally known as ____-yaki
9. Number “three” in Japanese














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