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Japanese Lesson

Japanese Crossword 31


©Chopsticks NY / Myles Mellor


1. This noun meaning “the first” is often used as a prefix, as in ____ yume (the first dream of the year) and ____ mono (the first product of the season)

5. The Meiji ___ (Meiji Restoration) took place in 1868 and was a milestone in the modernization of Japan

7. ____ dama refers to money given as a gift at the beginning of the New Year

10. Possessive form of are (that)

11. Rice is called kome, cooked rice is gohan and a rice plant is ____

13. One syllable word referring to nuts and fruit

14. The word for a person’s back


1. Package that could contain a holiday present

2. Basil-like Japanese herb that is available in two colors

3. Often used as a prefix, ____ means “new”, as in _____ nen (New Year) and ____ bun (newspaper)

4. “Rice ball” in Japanese

6. Noise made in cinemas when people want others to stop talking

8. Kenzo ____ was an architect known for designing the Tokyo Olympic Arena (1964) among other large projects

9. Ridge of a mountain

12. The world’s leading zipper manufacturer, which does business in more than 70 countries