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Japanese Lesson

Japanese Crossword 27


1. In September, Japanese people enjoy watching the ____ (moon)
4. ____ is a plant that produces rice
5. “Cotton” in Japanese
7. Shakespeare’s The Tempest is called  ____ in Japanese, it is also the name of a very popular Japanese boy band
10. In Japan, there is a tradition of making a promise by locking one’s pinky with another’s– this is called ____ kiri
11. “Uncle” in Japanese

1. _____ no Totoro is the Japanese title of Hayao Miyazaki’s anime hit My Neighbor Totoro
2. Nihonga (Japanese style paintings) use paints made from ____ (rock)
3. “Empty” is ___ in Japanese. The word is also a homophone of a word that means “China”
6. In Japan, there is a myth that a ____ (rabbit) is pounding mochi on the moon
8. “Home” or “house” in Japanese
9. ___ is a word that refers to the sun