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Japanese Lesson

Japanese Crossword 37





1. “Shoes” in Japanese

5. Climbing up a ____ (slope/hill) is often compared to improvement

7. Meaning “present day” or “today” this noun is often used as an adjective meaning “contemporary” or “modern”

8. ____ is a noun meaning “basics,” and it is often used in the compound ____-tekini, meaning “basically”

10. Flower known as the symbol of Japan’s imperial family

12. In Japan, there is a custom of dancing to honor ancestors during the Bon Festival in mid-August- it is called Bon ____


1. ____ means “shadow” and is used in many compound words such as hi____ (shade) ko____ (shade of tree) and ___-guchi (gossip)

2. “Valley” in Japanese

3. ____ (rabbit) is the fourth eto (Japanese zodiac) sign

4. ______ (Japanese swords) were used by samurai)

6. Japanese word for “love”

8. During hot summers, we often see big, rising _____ (clouds) in the sky

9. The word ___ (box) is found in names of places: ___ne, a famous onsen resort, is one of them

11. “Rock” in Japanese





















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