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Japanese Lesson

Japanese Crossword 25

©Chopsticks NY / Myles Mellor


1. In the Japanese school system, June is when students switch their _____ (school uniforms) from the winter to the summer version
4. The original title of the 60s hit song “Sukiyaki” is “___ o Muite Aruko” (“I Look Up as I Walk”)
5. “Hundred” in Japanese
6. The second Sunday of June is ___ no Hi (Father’s day)
8. In the original 1954 movie, Godzilla comes alive as a result of a series of _____ (nuclear) experiments
9. You can write your wish on ___ (wooden wishing plaques)

1. In the classic summer flick Jaws, a ____ (shark) attacks humans
2. The suffix ___ means “member,” as used in “kai___” and “gi____”
3. _____ Gijido is Capitol Hill in Japan
5. A traditional Japanese poem that consists of 17 syllables with a rhythm of 5-7-5
7. As summer approaches, the number of ____ (flies) is increasing