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Japanese Lesson

Japanese Crossword 26

1. Summer is the high season for ____ (fireworks) in Japan
4. Face in Japanese
5. A popular number placing puzzle created by Japanese
7. Study of mental functions and behaviors is ____-gaku (psychology)
8. Initials of Japanese actress who starred in both 47 Ronin and Pacific Rim
9. Eto (12th zodiac sign in Japan) this year is ___ (horse)
10. ____ is a flat wide piece of wood, plastic, steel, etc.

1. ____ (stars) are shining beautifully on summer nights
2. ___gaki means postscript
3. Place famous for its sand-steam hot spring in Kagoshima Prefecture
4. Company in Japanese
6. Dharma doll is called ____
9. Japanese fairy tale about a fisherman who is entertained under the sea for saving a turtle, ___rashima__aro