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Japanese Lesson

Japanese Crossword 33

Japanese animator and filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki recently received a lifetime achievement Oscar at the 87th Academy Awards. He is the second Japanese filmmaker (after Akira Kurosawa) to receive the award. In honor of Miyazaki, the March crossword features words related to his works.


1. “Shoe(s)” in Japanese
4. Originally meaning “sprouting,” ___ is now used in reference to “adoration” among younger generations
5. Ekitai (liquid) vs. ____ (gas)
6. This prefecture is home to Ise Jingu Shrine, Mikimoto pearls, and the Suzuka Circuit race track
7. “Mountain (s)” in Japanese: also refers to the climactic moment of a story
8. ____ means “difference,” “distinction,” and “variation”
11. Another word meaning “difference,” but this one is often used in mathematics

2. Uchi (inside) and ____ (outside)
3. ____ refers to a quarrel, fight or dispute
4. A word referring to the Southern direction
5. Salaryman is Japanglish, but ____- in is an authentic Japanese word that refers to a person who works for a private company or corporation
9. A particle in Japanese grammar used as a subject marker. For example, “Kore ___ Empire State Building desu.”
(“This __ the Empire State Building”)
10. This word means “time” or “interval” as well as “chamber”