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Japanese Lesson

Japanese Crossword 36



1. Sora means “sky” and ____ is a night sky

6. Literally translated as “young buds,” ____ is a type of seaweed that is often used as a topping for miso soup and noodle dishes

7. Degree or level of things

8. ____ refers to a friend, company, or partner and is also used to mean “circle” and “party”

10. Migi means “right,” and ___ means “left”


2. ______, whose kanji (Chinese character) literally means “a small river,” refers to a creek or stream

3. When you are still hungry after your first serving, you request ____

4. During June and July, Japan has nearly continuous ____ (rain)

5. In the hot summer season, people wear sandals ____ (barefoot)

8. This particle, the Japanese version of “et cetera,” is attached after a noun or noun form to imply that there are more things related to that noun

9. Feet and legs are both called ____ in Japanese















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