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Japanese Lesson

Japanese Crossword 45


2. Like “well” or “now,” ____ is a word used to change the subject of a conversation
5. On Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day) in Japan, _____ (samurai helmets) are decorated to celebrate boys’ bravery and strength
6. “Ten thousand” in Japanese
7. Meaning a “tale” or “story,” ____gatari is a compound of two words, “thing” and “to tell”
8. _____ means “history” or “record” and is often used in words like kei___(career background) and ___shi (history).
10. A coin has an “omote” (front) and an ____ (back)
12. “Egg yolk” in Japanese
13. Koku____ means the “nation” and ____zoku means the “people”
14. ______ means “other people”


1. Literally meaning “seeds,” this  word is also used to mean “cause” or “source”
2. Japanese call both charcoal and charwood ____
3. _____ (after) and _____ (trace) are two different words but have the same pronunciation
4. A noun meaning “neighbor” or “next to”
5. I-adjective meaning “hot” or “spicy”
9. “Conversation” in Japanese
10. I-adjective meaning “tasty,” whose noun version is umami
11. “Big sister(s)” in Japanese
12. _____gi  means “conference” or “meeting”




















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