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Silicone Keyboard Brush by MARNA


Silicone Keyboard Brushes are MARNA’s newest addition to its Stationery Line. These animal shaped brushes come in two sizes designed to get in your keyboard’s nooks and crannies. They can be placed on the keyboard as a decoration when done.

The over 140-year-old family-owned Japanese company MARNA strives to produce items whose designs are both sophisticated and whimsical, and that enrich people’s everyday lives. These include household items such as kitchen utensils, bath accessories and cleaning goods, as well as health and beauty care products. The business began when founder, Toramatsu Nagoya started manufacturing brushes in Japan in 1872. This was the start of the Meiji Era, a period when Japan transformed from an isolated, feudal society to an open, modern one. Nagoya encountered a foreigner with a clothes brush, the first of its kind in Japan. He was impressed by its beauty and functionality, and saw a need for this item as sartorial trends were changing from kimonos to Western style dress. The business expanded into housewares in 1950, and the name Marna was officially adopted at this time.

Over the years, MARNA has sought to improve the quality of its brushes, and one of the newest products to be offered here in the States is the Silicone Keyboard Brush. It was developed as part of the new stationery business born in Japan last year, which also includes items such as Screen Cleaning Mittens and PC Dusting Balls. The company decided to apply their know-how from creating home products that are cute and functional to the concept of office cleaning. These new products employ the material silicone, which is known to be very durable and reusable. In addition, this rubber material is said to be good at attracting dust, easily removing unwanted deposits from previously inaccessible nooks and crannies.

The Silicone Keyboard Brush comes in three different animal pairs: cat with rabbit, penguin with bear and squirrel with duck. The colors of each combination also vary, and each set has a large brush for broad strokes and a smaller piece for narrow spaces. Simply place the animal’s feet in the place you want to clean, and whisk all the dust away. When the brushes are not in use, you can store them by sticking them upright in your keyboard, adding some color and animal fun to your workspace. What’s more, cleaning them involves nothing more than a wipedown or washing them in water and setting them out to dry. A simple way to keep your computer dust-free!

MARNA handles all product development in-house, and the 15-person team in charge of this is comprised largely of women. In Japan they have made a huge variety of products organized into the categories of Stationery, Kitchen, Cleaning and Bath, but due to differences in regulations and culture only a fraction have made it to the U.S. market so far. The kitchen Piggy series features salt and pepper shakers, microwave plate covers, cup covers and steamers, each with the same distinctive pig snout and ears. One N.Y. restaurant has favored aesthetics over functionality, hanging the steamers on their walls!

Another best seller is the Bottle Cleaning Sponge BEANS, edamame shaped sponges that can be used to clean reusable bottles by just putting them in with water and detergent, then shaking. Yet another fun, effortless cleaning method that you never knew you needed. These items perfect for stocking stuffing can be found at online retailers like Amazon, as well as at The Container Store, the MOMA store and E.A.T.




Silicone Keyboard Brushes come in varying colors and the three sets of cat with rabbit, penguin with bear and squirrel with duck.




MARNA’s silicone Piggy Steamer, which serves as both a multipurpose lid and a can opener, became a huge hit for its functionality and fun design. Another popular item is Bottle Cleaning Sponge BEANS, sponges that can clean reusable bottles by putting them in with water and soap and shaking.