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Mirai Clinical Persimmon Soap

Persimmons are delicious to eat. Persimmon soap is not meant to be eaten. But it will make you smell delicious.

Body odor is just a natural part of being human. But so has been the inclination to do something about it, at least dating back to when we realized we could try. We scrub our bodies, apply deodorant, cover with perfumes, and much more, yet we haven’t seen a great deal of advancement in rethinking how to better suppress the potential pungency of our bodies. But a young upstart company called Mirai Clinical has developed an entirely new product using a time old skin-care ingredient in Japan – Persimmons.

Mirai Clinical is the brainchild of Koko Hayashi, the company’s Founder and CEO. Ms. Hayashi was educated in Japan and received her MBA in Hong Kong before earning a degree from Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie (CIDESCO), which is the foremost institution specializing in aesthetics. In a few short years, Mirai Clinical has grown exponentially, becoming the first USA-based company to receive membership to the prestigious Japanese Cosmetic Center in 2015. This year, Mirai (which means ‘future’ in Japanese) products, including the Persimmon Soap, were selected to be included in the gift bag for nominees at the 2016 Academy Awards.

Persimmons have been a traditional ‘beauty secret’ for Japanese geisha for generations, and this is where Mirai Clinical found its inspiration. By experimenting with Persimmon extract, the company was able to formulate a simple, yet effective soap that was equally soft and gentle on the skin as it is good at eliminating armpit, groin, and foot odors. The extract is loaded with vitamins, and is a natural antiseptic, and is highly effective in dissolving the oils and bacteria that cause odors. The soap also uses green tea extract, which is full of antioxidants, and aids in the elimination of odors. Because the locally sourced, organic ingredients are so sensitive, the soap is still made by hand at a soap mill in Osaka, Japan.

One place where the Persimmon soap absolutely excels is in dealing with the ‘old people smell’ phenomenon. Recent discoveries have pointed to a substance called ‘Nonenal’, which is produced from the sebaceous gland during menopause. With changing hormone levels in the body resulting in the release of more oils, combined with the decreasing antioxidant protection of aging skin, the smell of Nonenal is stronger and much more distinct. Usually impervious to conventional soaps and body washes, it is only the Persimmon extract that can dissolve it and effectively neutralize this particular smell.

“Persimmon has been used for eliminating odors for centuries in Japan. Persimmon tannins have a lot more condensed tannin which has higher ability for deodorizing than that of other fruits or vegetables,” said Charlene Brannon, Science Advisory Doctor of Mirai Clinical. “The Persimmon tannins are more effective across the board for smells, but with Nonenal, the persimmon eliminates almost 97%. No other soap currently has over a 40% effective rate. And best of all, the soap does not contain any harmful chemicals, so the skin stays naturally soft and silky.”

Currently, the soap is available online on the Mirai Clinical website, as well as several other vendors. But if body odor is a concern, there is no reason not to seek it out. And while Nonenal may still be new to our lexicon, when a problem has clearly been identified, having an effective solution at the ready is something you – and those around you – will appreciate.



The clarity and purity of the soap is immediately noticeable. No strange additives or synthetic ingredients in here.


It’s never too early to start treating your skin better. Introduce it into your daily routine and stop worrying about pesky body odor.
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