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T-Piece by Warm Heart Company

With its soft material and comfortable fit, dogs wearing a T-Piece feel warm and at ease especially during times of duress.

A typical dog owner’s relationship with their beloved pet is difficult to sum up. But whether one feels like their dog is their property or family member, there is no denying that the companionship feels irreplaceable. Therefore, the kind of attention paid to the health and well being of a dog can easily hit new levels of fanaticism. Clothing has always been vital to pet owners, and with the introduction of Warm Heart Company in the US, the quality of dog accessories is advancing in leaps and bounds.

Warm Heart Company started in Tokyo, Japan in 1997. The founder, Ms. Yachiyo Nishio, was originally pret-a-porter fashion designer for humans; when she was asked by a veterinarian friend to design clothing for dogs during post-surgical recovery, she discovered her ultimate passion. This past year, after winning numerous ‘Good Design’ awards in Japan, the company was selected Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry for the national government’s ‘Cool Japan!: More Than Project’ initiative, and won a grant to enter the international market.


There is a T-Piece for every type of need – small, large, short or long legged, even sleeveless.

One of the most important things that Warm Heart addresses is the dreaded ‘cone of shame’. Anyone can tell you how stressful it is for both the dog and owner. But the company’s T-piece was developed for dogs that have sustained injuries, have skin allergies, or need to heal after an operation. With its gentle hypoallergenic materials – a blend of cotton and highly stretchable Telco – it keeps dogs feeling comfortable, prevents them from biting themselves, and allows them to lead a normal daily existence. On top of that, dogs also stay warm, which is especially a boon for elderly dogs that have issues with regulating their body temperature.


The cute, Easy for Rain coat is simple to put on and take off, and covers the often neglected chest area.

The T-Piece, widely endorsed by veterinarians in Japan, is truly a marvel of design. But the rest of Warm Heart’s products are just as intuitive, effective, and stylish. Raincoats are designed for dogs to put them on feet first, which takes a strain off dressing and undressing. And it also covers the belly, which is often forgotten with other dog ‘rain coats’ which only cover their back. Harnesses are also designed to cover more surface area, so that dogs do not get dirty when they lie on the ground. And Warm Heart makes sure that clothing is not ‘one size fits all’; even owners of breeds like Corgi’s can purchase clothing that fit their adorably stubby legs.


The J Coat properly covers the entire body, unlike some raincoats that only cover the back.


“There is a stagnancy in the dog clothing market that Warm Heart Company is trying to shake up,” according to US Marketing Director, Mr. Cozy Mizoguchi. “While typical, cute designs may fulfill a visual necessity for owners, Warm Heart products like the T-Piece are trying to do something revolutionary – find a greater level of functionality that aids in the health and comfort of the dog. We think it’s the right time for US dog owners to also experience and enjoy the quality and benefits that Warm Heart has to offer.”

Warm Heart clothing is currently an exclusive at NY Dog Spa – one of the most popular dog spas in Manhattan – and online. Make sure to drop by their Flatiron location to get a real-life look at their products. With the ‘Made in Japan’ dedication, US buyers can feel good about where they’ve invested their money – but really, no cost is too high for someone’s best friend.


Ask for Frances or Dana at NY Dog Spa (32 W. 25th St., NYC)to learn more about Warm Heart products.