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III Step System Bra by Bradelis New York

Most women wear a bra every day because it is necessary. But for many, it is not such a pleasant experience because the bras are often ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or create extra bulges. The III Step System bra, created by Bradelis New York, a custom-fit lingerie brand, has helped women re-shape their bust line for a more beautiful figure.

The III Step System bras are specially designed to perform a specific function in each step. The first step is designed to reposition the breast tissue from the non-breast areas, such as the back and underarm area to sculpt and redefine the contour line of the breast. The second step is to reshape the breasts for a better dimension and a fuller look. The third step creates a high, rounded shape and creates noticeably more cleavage.

Bradelis New York III Step bras come in a variety of beautiful patterns and colors to suit your taste and create a beautiful décolletage.


In order for each customer to achieve optimal results from the III Step System, a consultation with an expert bra-fitter is encouraged. The customer is asked about their ideal silhouette and what they want to achieve. For example, some people have had a change in weight or used to do an activity that used the upper half of their body a lot, which may have created somewhat of a stiff chest. Bras are recommended to customers based upon their history, lifestyle, and ideal body contours.

“Not all customers need to start from Step 1,” says Ms. Shiho Kawamura, expert bra fitter at Bradelis New York. “For some customers who wear a bra properly and already have a defined shape, they can start from Step 2 to enhance their shape. Other customers once had a nice shape, but they either have gained or lost weight and now they don’t know which bra to wear. These steps were created so that everything can be adjusted,” she explains. In this sense, age does not matter when starting the III Step System. You can sculpt your breasts no matter how old you are. This technique even benefits younger women who may be wearing bras of the wrong size or shape.


Pads can be inserted or removed to even out the bust, as most women do not have perfectly even-sized breasts.


Many women think that bras are uncomfortable, but Bradelis New York bras are very comfortable to wear while providing excellent support for your bust.


As a bonus, Bradelis New York can do on-the-spot alterations to address unique bra concerns. Even if a woman’s wearing the right cup size, the straps may need to be shortened or the band may need to be altered. Bradelis New York offers this service for free for the life of the bra.

In addition, the III Step System bras are not only highly functional, but also fashionable. Bra styles and designs change from fall/winter to spring/summer collections to address the changing needs of Bradelis’ customers. Recent design changes have included a wider band on the side to combat underarm bulge, and bras that function as shape wear. “Bras that have softer cups and more comfortable straps are also often requested. In New York, clothes tend to be more fitted, so women don’t want to look like they are wearing a shape wear bra,” added Ms. Kawamura.

The lll Step System bra keeps evolving. In response to the requests of their American consumers, Bradelis New York introduces new sizes and styles in their lll Step System lines.


Items stocked in the stores (SoHo, Madison Avenue, and Flushing, NY) reflect each location’s clientele and their preferences.



Bradelis New York
SoHo Flagship Store
211 Elizabeth St., New York, NY 10012
TEL: 212-941-5629

Madison Avenue Store
66 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016
TEL: 212-599-2223

Flushing Store
135-20 39th Ave., Suite HL 219
Flushing, NY 11354
TEL: 718-353-1345