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Noritake “cher blanc” Series


The elegance of the cher blanc tea set is undeniable. Who needs to go to London for afternoon tea when you can invite people over for this?

When you think of Japanese tableware, what immediately comes to mind? As fine lacquerware and ceramics are closely associated with Japanese crafts, sometimes the country’s porcelain goods end up taking a back seat. But the Japanese company, Noritake is in a position to change all of that. After years of being a leader in the tabletop industry with its high-quality tableware and fine china, the company is now also focusing on products for day-to-day use at home. With Noritake’s cher blanc series, a new standard has arrived at the dining table.

The history of Noritake can be traced back to just years after Japan reopened its doors to the West in the 19th Century. Originally a trading company that was started in 1876, the company was no stranger to fine goods being imported into the U.S. – especially chinaware. Aspiring to create its own line of dinnerware, the company established its first factory in Noritake (a suburb of Nagoya City) in 1904, and named the new company after the town. The decade that followed helped Noritake experiment and develop its products, and in 1914, it finally produced its first chinaware that met its exacting standards for export.

Since then, Noritake has grown from a local company into a top global producer, with customers in over 100 countries and factories in locations around the world. The current line of products ranges from limited edition hand-painted porcelain tableware to high-end tea ware, flatware, and every thing in between. But it’s the deceptively simple cher blanc that is calling to be in every person’s home, as the fine tableware that is intended for daily use, and boasts advantages like being both microwave and dishwasher safe.

According to Kohei Takemoto, the representative for Noritake USA, “cher blanc is one of our finest products to date. We have made it very sturdy and durable, while meeting a delicate weight that is easy to manage. Owners will find it highly functional, easy to clean, and a perfect ‘go-to’ tableware for any occasion.” He added, “By fulfilling our promise of aesthetics and quality while also being in tune with modern kitchen needs, this line aims to be the top of the line for the modern day home.”

The cher blanc series indeed feels like a culmination of the company’s history, its passion for design, and an unrelenting dedication to excellence. The premium white porcelain reflects light incredibly well, brightens the dining table, and offers the kind of contrast necessary for a beautifully plated dish to truly pop. The relief style design is nice to the touch, and it is also surprisingly light, which is a nice change for those who struggle with the extra heft often associated with fine dinnerware. The plates and bowls are also very easy to stack, which is also a boon for New York City apartments that offer limited cabinetry.

To many, the most important part of tableware is how it harmonizes. Sometimes a design can look fine for display, but will overpower the presentation of a dish. Other times, boring plates will bring any table setting down. But one look at the Noritake line and one will see the care that has gone into crafting a look that not only pleases the eye, but also matches with other tableware you already have and truly enhances the food that you are serving. From dinner parties to a nice meal at home, this is the extra touch that will make your next meal simply beautiful.


Every piece of cher blanc tableware is designed to perfectly complement each other. Whether you buy it in pieces or all at once, you’ll want to complete your set.


This is one of those times where going square will make a big difference. Salads and soups will both look great in here.


The relief pattern of the cher blanc is both bold and delicate. Noritake has worked painstakingly to deliver an instant classic.

Noritake USA