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Sharp Tea-Ceré


The technology inside this high-performance tea maker is not only revolutionary, but its sleek facade would also look good on any kitchen counter.

Japanese Tea Ceremony is among the many traditions that have fascinated people for generations. The history, the methodology, and the technique involved are truly beautiful, as is the frothy green Matcha tea that is produced by it. So it’s no surprise that one of Japan’s foremost electronics companies – SHARP – has come up with a machine that automates the grinding and brewing process. Dubbed the ‘Tea-Ceré’ (short for tea ceremony), this is a wonderful way for tea-lovers to get one step closer to brewing a Matcha-style, tea ceremony inspired cup at home.

Since 1912, SHARP has ranked among the most innovative and influential Japanese technology companies, and their creativity with this tea maker is impressive. At first, the design of the Tea-Ceré will look familiar to anyone who owns an electric coffee or espresso maker, although the similarities end with the water reservoir. On the right is the shining star of the machine – the grinder – that can turn whole tea leaves into a slightly coarse or superfine powder. What makes this grinder so special is that it can grind a quality of powder that is traditionally done by hand, without raising the temperature of the tea leaves caused by friction (excessive heat can ruin the taste, as well as the health benefits of tea).

Wondering why the obsession with the quality of the tea powder? In Japan, tea – and green tea in particular – is considered to be among the healthiest of beverages. And because Matcha uses the entire tea leaf, it is believed to be the best way to consume it. Health conscious Japanese tea lovers have turned the Tea-Ceré into a bestseller because it gives them access to delicious, Matcha-style powder like never before.

According to SHARP, the grinder can make a powder that is as fine as 15-20 microns – the grade necessary not only to allow the nutrients of tea to be better digested and absorbed, but also to retain its peak flavor. Through precise calculations and tests, SHARP was able to figure out the best shape and angle of the upper and lower grinder, and the ideal grind rate that creates unmatched fine powder tea in two minutes (per serving).

Once ground, the powder can be added to the whisking unit, which properly blends the tea powder with water that has been boiled in the water reservoir. Then the contents of the whisker can be poured into a cup through the spigot. But the whisker also allows for people who want to make tea lattes to pour in warmed milk (soy, almond, or dairy) manually. One word of warning is that the grinder is made to grind tea leaves, not grind nuts, grains, and harder materials.

Also interesting is how the Tea-Ceré can be used to turn your typical tea into a seasoning. The cookbook included with the machine is replete with creative food ideas that will turn breakfast, lunch, or dinner into something a little more compelling. Do you want to turn some black tea into a wonderful glaze for fish, or make that green tea roll cake that you enjoy so much from your favorite bakery? You’ll find a way to do that with the Tea-Ceré.

With tea gaining more attention these days for being a healthy beverage, it is high time to not only drink more of it, but to get creative with it as well. Tea Ceré undoubtedly offers a seamless option for both tea enthusiasts and ambitious home cooks.


This powder contains incredible health benefits, and leaves no part of the tea leaf to waste.



Whether you prefer hot or cold, plain or sweet, green tea is incredibly soothing. No wonder the Japanese can’t get enough.


The perfect snack. Green tea cake with cups of green tea. Healthy and delicious, especially when it’s homemade!