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Japanese Recipe

Boeuf Brisket

In this section, chefs of various backgrounds test out Japanese seasonings and ingredients and create original recipes with their fresh perspectives. Each month a chef tries one featured seasoning or ingredient. This month Owner/Chef Bao Bao of Baoburg shares Boeuf Brisket incorporating white miso.

“I love miso soup, miso ramen and everything about miso.  This time, I chose white miso for this dish, instead of the red miso that is commonly used.  White miso is less salty and well-balanced and has a clean taste, which can infuse Asian flavor into this very American dish.”

—Chef Bao Bao

Boeuf Brisket is one of the most popular dishes at Baoburg.  To add an Asian twist to the oven roasted beef brisket, Chef Bao Bao spreads Miso Butter Sauce which incorporates white miso at the end.  She also garnishes it with creamy and sweet Parsnip and Potato Purée in order to balance out the powerful miso butter sauce.


[White Miso Butter sauce]
μ 4 tbsp white miso  μ 2 tbsp Dijon mustard
μ 1 tbsp honey  μ 1/2 tbsp mirin  μ 1 tsp paprika
μ 1/4 cup clarified butter (skim butter)  μ 1 tbsp sesame

Whisk all the ingredients together well.

[Parsnip and Potato Purée]
μ 2 parsnips μ 1 potato  μ 1/2 cup heavy cream
μ 1 tbsp unsalted butter μ 1/4 cup chicken stock or water μ 4 cups of boiling water

1. Peel parsnips and potato and cut them into small cubes.
2. Bring water to a boil and cook the parsnip and potato until they turn soft.
3. Drain the water and transfer it to a blender or food processor.
4. Add heavy cream, chicken stock, butter, salt and pepper, and blend them together until it becomes silky and smooth.
5. Season with salt and pepper.

1. Trim out some of the fat, tenderize it and rub with dry ingredients such as ground onions, paprika, cinnamon, black pepper salt and garlic powder.
2. Marinate it overnight and cook for 8 hours in a oven preheated at 320 degrees until it turns tender.



Suchanan Aksornnan ( Chef Bao Bao)
Born in Chiang Rai, the northernmost province of Thailand, Chef Bao Bao grew up surrounded by great nature, fresh ingredients and a wide variety of local foods.  After graduating from the French Culinary Institute, she began training at L’ecole in New York.  Her career resume as a chef includes Mercer Kitchen, Jean Georges, Bar Boulud, and Soho House Hotel.  She also worked as a personal chef for celebrities before opened Baoburg on her own.

Baoburg serves up a modern twist on French cuisine by adding multicultural influences from Spanish to Asian culinary traditions, most notably from Thai cuisine which reflects Chef Bao Bao’s background.

126 N 6th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211
TEL: 718-782-1445