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Secret Japanese Seasoning: Yuzu Kosho


3 Recipes that Can Spice Up Your Favorite Dishes
If you are constantly looking for new, exciting flavors, try yuzu kosho, Japanese traditional chili paste made from green or red pepper, salt and yuzu citrus. It might be a little intimidating to buy the exotic seasonings for the first time, but it’s a versatile, easy-to-handle seasoning and is really a game changer of your table.


Chicken Burger with Yuzu Kosho Mayonnaise
(Ingredients: Serves 1)
• 1/2 tsp yuzu kosho
• 2 tbsp mayonnaise
• 1/2 fillet chicken breast or thigh
• 1-2 slices tomato
• 2 pieces lettuce leaves
• 1 hamburger bun
• Salt and pepper to season


1. Score chicken fillet and season with salt and pepper
2. Grill or saute chicken fillet
3. While cooking chicken, mix yuzu kosho and mayonnaise
4. Toast a bun
5. Spread yuzu kosho mayonnaise on the toasted bun
6. Assemble chicken, tomato and lettuce on the bun

Yuzu Kosho Mayonnaise also complements potato salad well.  Just coat boiled potato, and you have a hearty salad with a Japanese twist.



Yuzu Kosho Salsa
(Ingredients: Serves 4)
• 1 tsp yuzu kosho
• 2 tbsp olive oil
• 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
• 1 tomato
• ¼ onion


1. Mince onion and soak in cold water for 10 minutes, then drain completely
2. Cut tomato into 1/3-1/2 inch pieces
3. Mix yuzu kosho, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar well to make dressing
4. Mix onion and tomato and dress with yuzu kosho dressing

You can drizzle the yuzu kosho dressing over carpaccio and caprese.




Wafu Pasta with Yuzu Kosho Ponzu Sauce
(Ingredients: Serves 1)
• 1 tsp yuzu kosho
• 2  tbsp sesame oil
• 2  tbsp ponzu sauce
• 3-3.5 oz your favorite pasta
• Nori seaweed, sesame seeds and chopped scallion to garnish


1. Cook pasta according to the diretions on the package
2. Mix yuzu kosho, sesame oil and ponzu well to make yuzu kosho sauce
3. Once pasta is done, drain and dress with yuzu kosho sauce
4. Serve with thinly cut nori seaweed, sesame seeds and chopped scallion

You can pair the yuzu kosho ponzu sauce with fried and grilled dishes like gyoza and cutlets. The pungent, refreshing flavor of the sauce counters the greasiness.