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Japanese Nail Art, Cutting-edge Fashion


The world has been enjoying nail polish for over 4000 years and although techniques and products have advanced tremendously, nail fashion hasn’t changed greatly since it all began. Not until this century that is. Japan has recently taken nail enthusiasm to a whole new level, advancing techniques and designs past anything in the United States. Most of the latest and greatest nail trends are coming out of Japan and making their way around the world. New Yorkers can now experience the buzz, as RounGe NYC nail salon has brought their Tokyo expertise to the east coast, allowing fashionistas access to hundreds of innovative nail designs and creations. I was extremely eager to check it out.

While watching Ms. Midori Honma, Nail Director at RounGe NYC, work, I realized that Tokyo nail fashion isn’t simply a hobby, it’s an art. Why choose to get a ghost on your nail for Halloween when you can get an entire Halloween scene with a mansion, tree and moon. You can make your nails look like painted masterpieces of scenery, realistic lace, surfaces of water, and much more.

The high quality products and techniques used ensures that nail art looks stunningly unique and lasts for several weeks. In the U.S., nail art has always been very two dimensional, but Tokyo has embraced a new trend of 3D designing. Small gems, charms, bows and other tiny items are laid over a nail design and then sealed in gel in order to produce stunning and durable nail creations.

To experience what Japanese nail art was all about, I decided to try some simple Gel Nail Art with accessories. With hundreds of nail accessories and catalogue choices to choose from, selecting a design at RounGe NYC can make you feel like a kid in a candy shop. After much indecision, I chose a gorgeous deep blue gel polish, a moon accessory, and an elegant design from the catalogue. With my feet up, the TV on, and a refreshments menu at my side, I sat back and relaxed as Ms. Honma worked her magic. In less than 15 minutes she had completed three fingers for this trial session for the article! Having gotten my nails done on occasion, I know the nail salon smell, lengthy drying process, and stiff seating, but none of that exists here at RounGe NYC.

—– Reported by Melissa Perrier


RounGe NYC
201 E. 23rd St., (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.), 2nd Fl.
New York, NY 10010
TEL: 646-707-3504  |



Ms. Honma has hundreds of nail design examples ready at her fingertips, displayed by theme in colorful catalogues.



Similarly, RounGe has a wide variety of nail gel colors that are easy to choose from on display boards.


Ms. Honma uses precision tools and a steady hand to apply each detail and accessory.


With hundreds of accessories to choose from, RounGe has a gem or design for any occasion.


In less time than it would take to get a regular manicure, I received an extremely long lasting, exquisite Japanese Nail design experience.