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YO-C Salon

Head Spa For Perfect Hair And Skin

Mr. Yonezawa is a well rounded stylist, but he says his forte is cutting.
His sharp eye for fashion allows him to be precise yet edgy in his approach.

Working in different cities around the world, were there significant differences in hair styling?
Well, working in Japan it was all about controlling volume. Asian people have a lot more hair, and each strand is a lot thicker compared to those of Westerners, so it’s inevitable for it to go all over the place while Westerners tend to have less hair, and thinner hair making it naturally flatter, so in the US and in Europe, hair styling is very much concentrated on maximizing volume, so yes, it is different. In Paris, I learned a very valuable skill, which is to shape the hair while blow drying.

What do you think about the hair styling trends in NY?
When I first came to NY in 2003, I was surprised that the NY hairstyles were sort of conservative compared to other places I’ve seen, especially with long hair. It was all sort of one-length hairstyle and no layers back then. Even if I wanted to cut some heavy parts off to give it a more natural look, customers would say no, no, leave it, not that anything is wrong with straight lines because I think straight lines are beautiful, but too many people had the same do at the time. Now, people are more inclined to cut the heavy parts off. There is a lot more movement  in the hairstyles now with people preferring lots of layers, shaggy ends, and zigzag lines.

What are some of the hair care treatments that you offer here?
We offer the 3-step hair treatment from L’Oreal Expert Series, and a Japanese 3-step hair treatment, which are both customizable to all types of hair, and work extremely well. Both systems focus on creating and restoring health from the core of the hair, and they are both very effective. But the Head Spa, I think, is probably the number one treatment I would recommend right now. It is really important to clean the pores of your scalp because clogging it could not only affect the health of your hair, but also your facial skin. If your scalp is clogged up, it can cause a break out that can reach all the way down to your face. Clogged pores also contribute to hair loss in a major way. Clearing the pores make the hair healthy from its roots, and the treatment itself involves scalp massage that helps circulation, and brings relaxation, and it’s good for you all around. Unfortunately regular shampoo cannot unclog the pores, so you have to have it deep cleaned once in a while. You’ll be surprised how good it feels afterwards.

What are some hair care products you recommend?
Nigelle LX is a great product for the scalp. This is the product we use for our Head Spa services here. We also carry the home use products here so that our customers can keep up the treatment on their own because continuation is very important in order to maintain the health of your scalp. In terms of hair, the L’Oreal Expert Series is great.  The Kerastase Series is also a great product. This product has a bit of a buzz going in the industry now, but I think it’s one of the best out there.

Do you have any tips for our readers?
It’s getting colder out, and this may dry out your hair, so I would suggest deep conditioning your hair at least once a week. It works even if you wash it off right away, but it’s better to wait for about fifteen minutes before you wash it off to let the hair really absorb the conditioner.

Through his experience in Vidal Sasson, Oscar Bond, and other renowned salons in Tokyo, Paris, and New York, Mr. Yoshihide Yonezawa opened Yo-C Salon in the East Village in April. His sense of style, techniques, and attention to detail has already earned him a great reputation.  The calm, cozy, and relaxed atmosphere of YO-C salon along with the friendly staff is inviting, and you will feel and look like a brand new person once they are done with you.

Yo-C Salon
225 E. 5th St. (bet. 2nd Ave. & Cooper Sq.)
New York, NY 10003
TEL: 212-529-0355 /

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