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Ever Improving Keiji Style


Trained in Osaka’s hair salons, Keiji says that he finds similarities between customers there and in New York. “But I find that customers here rely on me and trust my skills more, and I like that!”

What kind of services do you provide at HAZUKI Hair Downtown?
We offer every kind of hair service from cuts to perms to coloring, but what’s important here is that customers feel relaxed. As you can see by our space and decor, we try to create a relaxing environment. I think we treat customers with a Japanese attitude, such as offering shoulder and head massages after shampooing for free. It is a common service in Japan, but most of our customers, who are non-Japanese, enjoy that.

What is your specialty as a stylist?
I could say that I’m good at creating “heavy” hairstyles, like bobs and long hair styles that have volume in the lower part. Just imagine some Japanese anime characters’ hair styles. I love anime! But many non-Asians have fine hair, so adding too many layers doesn’t suit them. In terms of color, it should be more of a medium tone.

Do you have anything you do to improve your skills?
It seems basic, but I definitely keep records for each customer. It helps me keep track of each person’s style. Right now I am trying to get better at close-cropped haircuts. It’s becoming more and more trendy among men, but it’s hard because a tiny difference, say two or three millimeters, matters a lot. It takes the skill of a craftsperson. But if I get better at making it, I can meet the strong demand that’s out there.

Please share some of your health and beauty tips.
I drink about a cup of soy milk every morning. It has lots of protein. I don’t know how it really works, but I believe that it’s good for the hair.


102 Suffolk St. (bet. Delancey & Rivington Sts.)
New York, NY 10002
TEL: 212-228-3450