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A Haircut Designed Just for You

What you eat really affects the health of your hair. Kei has his own diet to keep his body and hair healthy, which includes drinking a glass of freshly made apple and carrot juice in the morning.

Beauty Interview: Kei of Warren-Tricomi Salon

What is your signature service?
At this salon, I specialize in haircuts, and I’m quite good at creating gorgeous, sexy, long hairstyles with my cutting technique. Also, I cut hair considering each client’s facial shape, features, and balance. For example, does the client have a round face or a square jaw? The eyebrow on the left might be positioned lower than one on the right. One eye could be bigger than the other, and so on. This is all important in creating the perfect hairstyle for each individual. Tiny details, such as where to add volume, how to trim, on which side the bangs go, play a huge role. A good haircut can make hair look healthy.

What do you keep in mind while cutting hair?
Some clients feel nervous about getting a haircut and what the end result will look like, so I try to tell my clients what I’m doing during the entire process in order to remove their worries, like “I will cut this way because….” Then, after blow-drying their hair, I tell them how to keep the salon-quality style at home, how to use brushes and dryers, hair-care tips, and things like that.

Do you have any suggestions for keeping hair healthy?
Scalp care is very important for healthy hair, so I recommend you do a scalp cleansing at home once a week and preferably receive a scalp treatment at a hair salon once a month. Also, hair grows while you sleep, so it is recommended that you shampoo before sleeping. But don’t forget to dry your hair completely before going to bed because wet hair is very susceptible to damage. These things are true for both men and women, both young and old.



Warren-Tricomi Salon (Flatiron location)
125 5th Ave. (bet. 19th & 20th Sts.), 2nd Fl., New York, NY 10003
TEL: 212-262-8899 (ext. 3)