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Precision & Vision of the Dry Cut

Eiji only hosts a handful of clients per day in order to dedicate his entire focus and time on each masterpiece.


Beauty Interview: Eiji of Eiji Salon

What is a New York Dry Cut?
The Dry Cut goes beyond cutting dry hair. A practiced specialist would meticulously cut the hair strand by strand from the bottommost layers to the top.  It takes precision, focus and a clear vision of the intended final look. The result is consistent, easy to style hair that is perfectly balanced and beautiful from all angles.

Why should women invest in one?
Most women believe that their hair’s tendencies are inevitable destiny. They’re not. Having a fastidious, skilled Dry Cut circumvents such concerns by directing each hair strand to naturally fall into its proper place without much effort or product. A great haircut has great emotional, mental and visual value. Looking great 365 days/year, from a 360° perspective creates confidence.

As the frontman of the Dry Cut technique, why are you so passionate about it?
I first learned and trained with my mentor, a legendary Parisian who created the Dry Cut method.  Coming from a systematic salon where I was churning out clients every 30 min., the artistry, skill and the luxury of time that the Dry Cut required drew me in. I finally found true joy in cutting hair.  Through the Dry Cut, I can intuitively and deeply connect with each client, although I barely talk during the entire 90 min.

You seem truly content.  What’s the trick?
Your work has to be something that makes you happy.  Something that allows you to cherish each day.  Then, a hectic day can fuel your drive, obstacles can become surmountable challenges, and stress can transform to positive energy.  Maybe that’s why I never get sick anymore.


Eiji Salon
601 Madison Ave., #5 (bet. 57th & 58th Sts.)
New York, NY 10022
TEL: 212-838-3454