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Asian Hair Expert’s Styling and Care


Stylist Kay Koyama is known for her upsweeps for party-going clients. Straightening is a popular summer service at Belea New York, and they are offering 50% off keratin straightening to readers through July 31.

Kay Koyama of Belea New York

Tell us about your salon and its services.

Our staff is Japanese, and being Asian themselves they are well versed in Asian hair but cater to a wide variety of clientele. Also, they work outside the salon on photo shoots so they bring this sensibility to clients, providing advice from a fashion perspective.

Our services go beyond the typical color and Brazilian/Japanese straightening to include digital and creep perms. For digital perms we use a state of the art machine from Japan, which creates custom-made waves by controlling the temperature for each rod.

What do you pay particular attention to?

I always try to be passionate and motivated so that I am ready to incorporate new beauty styles and skills. Another focus is satisfying customers, and not just in terms of technique. They are all busy people who choose to spend several hours with me, so I want to make their time here as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

What are some upcoming hair trends?

Shampooing becomes more frequent during the summer, so hair maintenance is easier when it’s straightened as it takes less time to manage. I recommend keratin straightening, as damage to the hair is limited. Unlike Japanese straightening, with keratin your hair goes back to its own wave in three months.

What is your personal health or beauty regimen?

I love running as it has both health and stress relieving benefits. I run outside no matter what the weather, as this gives me a sense of the seasons and changing scenery. I like to think that I get power from nature during my runs.


Belea New York
239 E. 53rd St., 1st Fl., #2 (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.) New York, NY 10022
TEL: 646-707-0050