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Multiple Beauty Services Loved by Locals


Before joining L.I. Wave, Ms. Sakawaki had been working as a freelance stylist for magazines and advertising. As well as her technique developed in Japan, her expertise is to “enjoy” what she’s doing.

Makoto Sakawaki of L.I. Wave

Would you describe some of the features of L.I. Wave?
I think we are unique in the sense that we can provide all beauty services, from hair cut and styling to shaving, nails, facials and even eyelash extensions and curls. We are located in Port Washington, conveniently catering multiple services in one beauty salon.

What are your specialties?
I do all the hair services, but I like to create long and semi-long styles that have natural, swinging curls. Curls that are feminine with a cool twist – those styles are well received among Japanese and Asian customers. We also see many customers who love Japanese styles and dry cut technique, so I can accommodate those requests perfectly.

Your nails are so cute.
Oh, I did them myself. I’m actually in charge of nail services here at L.I. Wave.

How would you describe your philosophy as a hair stylist?
I think it’s important to understand what clients really want, so I make an effort to communicate with them, without forcing what I think is best for each client.

Please share your personal beauty or health tips.
I started “oil pulling” about two months ago. It is a type of ayurvedic remedy that requires swishing oil in ones’ mouth for 15-20 minutes to remove bacteria and detoxify. My Indian husband recommended this to me since I had been suffering from stomach problems for awhile. I don’t have so many problems now, so I feel that it’s working!


L.I. Wave
18 Haven Ave., (bet. Franklin Ave. & Main St.), 2nd Fl.
Port Washington, NY 11050  |  TEL: 516-883-3046