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Feel the Message from Your Skin


Formerly employed in the research and development department of a leading skincare product company in Japan, Maiko currently conducts private skincare sessions to give customized skincare advice to each client.

Tell us about your skincare consulting session?
I originally started consulting for Japanese people who just moved to the U.S. and found that their skincare regimen needed to be modified due to skin troubles. I examine their skin and give them advice regarding not only what to use, but also how to use it. It is actually more important to know how to apply products to your skin than what to use.

Those things are true for anyone and not just Japanese?
Absolutely. I’m happy to take non-Japanese clients and share my tips with them. If anyone is suffering from skin troubles, it is very possible that the person does not wash his/her face or apply products properly. For example, with one client who had pimples all over her chin and jaws, it turned out that she left some soap on when washing her face.

What do you keep in mind when you give skincare advice? 
I want my clients to enjoy their skincare. Sometimes following a certain regimen can be tiring when your life is busy, but it can be simple and enjoyable.

Please tell us your own skincare tip.
I basically use my own hands to apply skincare products on my skin.

Why hands?
Hands are the most gentle tools for your skin. Warming up skincare products with your palms helps them permeate into the skin well. Also, by touching skin directly with my hands, I can check my daily skin condition. It changes every day, so reading the message my skin sends is the first step in skincare planning.


Skin Concierge Maiko NYC