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Healthy Detox for Your Head

Sweat quickly clogs up hair follicles. Monthly Scalp Treatments keep hair and head refreshed and healthy throughout the hot summer months.

Beauty Interview: Ms. Ikuko Watanabe of Salon Mignon

What haircare treatments are trending in Japan?
Women and men of all ages are finding the beauty and health benefits of “Head Spa” treatments. The treatment rejuvenates hair and detoxes the scalp of built up toxins, like a monthly facial for the head.

What makes Salon Mignon unique?
We believe that beautiful hair comes from a healthy scalp. Also, a decongested and healthily functioning scalp promotes overall health. We focus on scalp care that extracts dead skin cells, oils, sweat, dust and hair products that have built up in the hair follicles over time. The deep detox treatment addresses many common scalp and hair issues such as redness, flaking and itchiness, lack of hair volume, and hair loss.

How do you get all the gunk out of each follicle?
I use a professional pH-measuring machine that shows the acidity of each client’s hair and scalp. Based on this, I customize pH balance of the treatment product so that it works to gently pull out the toxins clogging the hair follicles and scalp. The treatment also brings the scalp back to its healthy pH level and the relaxing head massage stimulates circulation.  Clients say they feel mentally refreshed, less tired and more “alive” for weeks after. Their hair is shinier, stronger and more voluminous.

What’s your personal beauty philosophy?
My two core services, the Scalp Treatment and Acidic Coloring that uses positive and negative ions to naturally color hair without damage, are based on restoring skin’s original pH levels. My beauty philosophy is the same. I use products that rebalance my hair, scalp and skin’s pH levels back to their natural, healthy level.

Salon Mignon
1014 2nd Ave. (53rd & 54th Sts.), Basement
New York, NY 10022
TEL: 347-771-5750

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