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Sketch-Comedy Yukata Cowboy To Be Released Online


Yukata Cowboy tap dances along the stairs, Beverly Hills.
Photo by Phil Hughes © Globetrot Productions 2015

Inspired by the true mishaps of Japanese-American filmmaker, Atsushi Ogata, Yukata Cowboy is a cross-cultural sketch comedy series depicting the experiences of the most mistaken man in the world. With a cowboy hat, Japanese yukata (traditional cotton kimono worn in the summer) and rapid-fire tongue, Yukata Cowboy drifts across the U.S., Japan and Europe. In each country he tries to fit in, but the more he tries, the more he is mistaken for someone else. An alumnus of Harvard and MIT, Ogata himself plays Yukata Cowboy as well as the multiple characters he meets. Each episode focuses on an aspect of everyday life from the perspective of a cross-cultural traveler, such as going on elevators, riding bikes, taking trains and making friends. Ogata uses a witty and light-hearted tone to re-enact his adventures, making them amusing and enlightening for multi-cultural audiences.
Yukata Cowboy will be released online at from mid-November following the current weekly pre-release of “behind-the-scene” shorts. |