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New Additions to NYC’s Casual Cup Sake Scene

“Cup sake” is growing in popularity in New York today, but it’s been loved throughout Japan for half a century under the common name “one cup”. This single serving sake bottled in a tumbler style glass with a pull top was originally offered by Ozeki Sake, a time honored sake brewery in the Nada region of Hyogo Prefecture. The Ozeki One Cup Sake plays a central role in New York City’s cup sake boom, and the brewery is now introducing two new flavors, Ozeki One Cup Daiginjo and Ozeki One Cup Nigori.

Brewing rice milled up to 50%, the One Cup Daiginjo has a refreshingly fruity aroma with a crisp, dry taste.  Its semi-dry, sophisticated flavor can be enjoyed on its own, but it also complements delicate seafood dishes, such a seasonal lobster, oyster and amaebi (sweet shrimp). The One Cup Nigori maximizes the umami from rice, and its creamy rich flavor is balanced with an elegant sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste.  Usually the nigori type of sake is enjoyed chilled, but the One Cup Nigori is also good warmed. As its alcohol content is as low as 10%, this sweet nigori goes great with spicy dishes.

These two new flavors in this unique sake drinking style are the perfect accompaniment to a fresh start for 2015.

wn0215_mainWhen Ozeki Sake spawned One Cup Sake 50 years ago, this epoch-making product changed the way Japanese people consume sake. Contained in a single-serving size glass, it allows you to enjoy fresh sake taste every time you open the “glass”. Ozeki One Cup Daiginjo (left) is recommended to be drunk chilled, while Ozeki One Cup Nigori (right) can be enjoyed both chilled and warmed.

Ozeki Sake (U.S.A., Inc.)