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Dassai Beyond: An Elixir Beyond Compare

In developing Dassai Beyond, Asahi Shuzo employs new techniques and practices.  The milling rate and brewing process are a secret but the company has disclosed that they have gone beyond conventional brewing methods to create a product that tops what was once considered supreme.

Asahi Shuzo is an outlier in the traditional sake market.  They are pioneers of ideas and products such as: the highest milled sake junmai daiginjo, Champagne style sparkling sake and Kosher certified sake.  Their brand Dassai has swept the sake market in the U.S. since its launch, and is now recognized as the top tier sake in both quality and popularity.  This fall, Dassai Beyond, their latest sake, is poised to hit the U.S. market.

As the name implies, Dassai Beyond goes beyond Dassai 23, which was previously considered the supreme in sake brewing because it had the highest rice milling rate and highest price. Brewery President, Hiroshi Sakurai shares the company’s inspiration for the new product. “We didn’t want to increase our margins by using gimmicky tricks like changing packages and names.  Instead we wanted to explore a quality that goes beyond what we have produced to date.” Crisp and complex with a nose of fruit blossoms and an extremely clean and long finish, Dassai Beyond is exciting to drink alone, but pairs seamlessly with oysters, sashimi and seasonal vegetables. In order to truly appreciate the beautiful features of Dassai Beyond, President Sakurai provides a suggestion, “Drink it along with our original Dassai 23. Drink Dassai 23 first and then move on to the Beyond. By doing so, the unique features of the Beyond will become clear.”

Asahi Shuzo has also released two new varieties produced with an innovative centrifuge clarification system: Dassai 23 Centrifuge, and the exclusive Dassai 23 Centrifuge (New Year’s Special), which will only be available New Year’s Day upon request.

Dassai 23 Centrifuge [left] and Dassai 23 Centrifuge (New Year’s Special) [right]. Asahi Shuzo is the first brewery to use the “centrifuge” sake pressing system.  Sake clarified with a centrifuge machine has a smoother and cleaner flavor.


Asahi Shuzo
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