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Miki House Shoe Lineup Even More Robust

Breathing City Sneaker’s polyester mesh upper and breathable insole help to prevent children’s feet from getting sweaty.  Light reflectors embedded on the toe and heel enhance visibility and safety.


Japanese children’s clothing, shoes and accessories manufacturer and retailer, Miki House, is known for high-quality products that are cute and functional.  They command a premium price, but are well worth it for their durability, supreme quality, functionality and brand value. Miki House’s mission is that all children should smile, dream and grow up healthy.  In an extension of this mission, Miki House’s U.S. subsidiary, Miki House Americas, Inc. is adding new items to its lineup.

Miki House has long provided shoes for infants and toddlers, but due to popular demand it will now offer bigger sizes for older children (Kids 9 through Youth 2.5).  These two new models are based on different concepts: one emphasizes breathability and urbanity, and the other is a fashionable but comfortable shoe for both boys and girls.


Girl’s Sneaker comes in the three color variations of black, light blue and white.  All of them use pink as an accent color to add extra cuteness.


The former is called the Breathing City Sneaker, and its breathability comes from the insole and a polyester mesh upper.  The patent leather on top gives it a clean city look, and light reflectors on the toe and heel provide higher visibility.  The latter is the Girl’s Sneaker, which has a soft leather upper with patent leather to create a dressy look.  Like all Miki House shoes, the tips are turned up to prevent stumbling and ample toe room considers children’s growth.

With their functionality and cool style, these new models are sure to be a hit with young consumers.  Their release in mid-August is just in time for back to school shopping, so make sure to include Miki House as one of your stops.