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Shochu That Highlights the Sweet Smell of “Red”

To enjoy Aka Kirishima’s beautiful sweetness, it is recommended to serve it on the rocks or straight up.

Aka Kirishima is a sweet potato shochu that has swept Japan’s shochu market since its release about 10 years ago. Naturally, the U.S. distribution of this single distilled, premium shochu from Kirishima Shuzo Co., Ltd. has been anticipated for a long time. Finally, this spring will mark its arrival in New York and New Jersey.

As the counterpart to Kuro Kirishima (Black Kirishima), which uses kuro (black) koji mold in the brewing process, Aka Kirishima (Red Kirishima) is also named after its feature ingredient, the Murasakimasari variety sweet potato, which contains an abundance of polyphenols, the source of its red color. Although the final product is not actually red due to its distillation, during the production process the ingredients do turn a pure red color. With graceful sweetness and an elegant aroma coming from the starchy and aromatic Murasakimasari, Aka Kirishima particularly appeals to female customers in Japan and is widely enjoyed as a drink to accompany food.

Due to its high demand in the Japanese market and the small harvest of Murasakimasari sweet potatoes, the availability of Aka Kirishima in the U.S. is extremely limited. So hurry to find a bottle and appreciate this rare taste.


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Distributed by Nishimoto Trading, Co. Ltd.