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Mochi and Waffles: A Match Made in Heaven

It’s the latest food craze sweeping Japan, the “moffle”. A combination of the words “mochi” and “waffle”, a moffle is mochi (rice cake) pressed and grilled into the shape of a waffle. The result is crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, has fewer calories than regular waffles and is delicious with just about any topping, from sweet to savory. Over the past few years moffles have been turning up in trendy Tokyo restaurants and cafes with an astonishing variety of toppings.

Though moffles can be made using regular waffle irons, Sanyei Corporation offers a machine dedicated to moffles, the “Moffle Maker” which offers a number of advantages. First, for best results, mochi should be cooked at a higher temperature than waffle batter. The Moffle Maker cooks mochi at the optimal temperature. Second, The Moffle Maker plates are the exact size of typical mochi blocks sold in Japanese supermarkets. Finally, because uncooked mochi blocks are quite thick, they prevent a typical waffle maker from closing. The Moffle Maker solves this problem with a special hinge. The Moffle Maker comes in two sizes, the single and the double, and it’s available in two colors, milk white and milk pink.

Though there are endless possibilities for toppings, ranging from whipped cream and red bean paste to ham and cheese, there are two basic types of moffle: the regular moffle and the moffle sandwich. The regular moffle is made from one typical mochi block, and the mochi sandwich is made from two thin mochi blocks. You simply put your choice of filling in between the two blocks and cook the whole sandwich in the Moffle Maker.

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