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Enjoy a Natural-Looking Hairstyle with “Digital Perm”


If you adore natural-looking curls and waves but aren’t good at styling your hair by yourself, there is something you should definitely try. You might not have heard the word “digital perm” before, but it is actually an extremely popular technique in Japan and South Korea. Unlike a regular perm, also known as a “cold perm,” a digital perm involves heat processing to curl hair, thus giving it the alternate name of “hot perm.” A digital perm makes waves appear most prominent when hair is dry and looser when hair is wet, so you can create both relaxed and curly looks very easily. You can use a curling iron to recreate the gorgeous styles of Hollywood stars, or you can also simply dry your hair to enjoy lively, natural-looking curls.

Hisako Salon Chelsea, which has employed this technique for a year, keeps looking for advances in digital perms, and they have recently introduced a better one. Yuki Akemura, chief hairstylist of the salon, says, “It reduces processing time as much as 30-40% compared to the previous one. Also, I have found it is more gentle to hair.” She points out the many benefits that digital perms offer. “The curl effect lasts longer than with the cold perm, usually about 6 months. It does not damage hair as much as a cold perm does, therefore you get a softer result. And the best benefit is that it allows you to style your hair without really trying.”

Now is the season for enjoying outdoor activities–get ready to have your new curly locks streaming in the wind!

Hisako Salon Chelsea
183 7th Ave. (bet. 20th & 21st Sts.), New York, NY 10011 / TEL: 212-989-2233