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Copa Rico with Nanbu Bijin Umeshu


Nanbu Bijin Umeshu Non-Sugar Added
Category: Umeshu, junmai sake  Origin of production: Iwate Prefecture
Rice Variety: Toyonishiki blended with other rice varieties
Alcohol content: 9-10 %  Bottle size: 720 ml (24 oz)

Features: Made by soaking ume plum in the brewery’s special all-koji junmai sake, the umeshu boasts clean, refreshing flavor with an elegant blush of plum. Its lovely orange-pink color comes naturally from the brewing process with no food coloring added. Taking advantage of the brewery’s patented technique to brew sake with all koji rice, they successfully pulled out umami from the junmai sake while featuring the natural sweetness of plum. It is recommended to enjoy straight or on-the-rocks,  chilled or warm. It’s great for pairing with foods as well.

Distributed by NY Mutual Trading, Inc.


Copa Rico with Nanbu Bijin Umeshu
Cocktail recipe courtesy: Shinya Yamao of Piora


Nanbu Bijin Umeshu Non-Sugar Added is a junmai sake base plum wine, which boasts natural sweetness and refreshingly fruity flavor. Shinya Yamao, mixologist at Piora, says, “Interesting thing about Nanbu Bijin Umeshu is that it has a pleasant acidity from sake itself, not from ume plum.” He created a cocktail, Copa Rico, maximizing the features of this umeshu, perfect in the mild and warm season. He chose Caliche Rum to blend with the umeshu because “it has a distinct body and is well balanced in sweetness and bitterness, making it a great match with sake.” The gorgeous, floral flavor is balanced out by a touch of bitterness from yuzu juice and orange bitters. “Tasty sake can make tasty cocktails. That’s no exception.”

– 1.5 oz Caliche Rum
– 1.5 oz Nanbu Bijin Umeshu Non-Sugar Added
– 1/3 oz yuzu juice
– 1/3 oz simple syrup
– 1 dash orange bitters


1. Put all ingredients and a big ice cube in a mixing glass.
2. Gently stir the glass until all the ingredients are well blended.





Nanbu Bijin Brewery


Nanbu Bijin Brewery has produced sake in an area called Nanbu in the northeastern part of Japan for over 100 years. This region is especially famous for its blessed nature that conveniently provides the optimal ingredients– the water percolating through the local mountains, home grown rice being developed for sake brewing, and it is also the home of Nanbu Toji, one of the three most prestigious brewing styles in Japan. The brewery’s sake, including Tokubetsu Junmai, Daiginjo, All-Koji Sake and Umeshu Non-Sugar Added are well sought after in the sake scene in the U.S.

13 Kami-machi, Fukuoka,
Ninohe-shi, Iwate, JAPAN 028-6101
TEL: 0195-23-3133  |


This chic West Village restaurant is a collaboration between proprietor, Simon Kim and chef, Christopher Cipollone that pays homage to their respective Korean and Italian heritages. Piora also reflects their passion for refined experiences, with Chef Cipollone’s modern American cuisine that captures the robust flavors of seasonal ingredients. Mixologist, Shinya Yamao creates seasonal concoctions while a wine list of over 300 labels composed by Chef/Sommelier, Victoria James, constantly evolves.

430 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014
TEL: 212-960-3801 |