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“Kikusui” Sakegg Nog

sk0216_1In this new drink section, we’ll profile one Japanese liquor (sake, shochu, awamori, beer, etc.) through the process of crafting a cocktail from it each month. In February, we are featuring Kikusui Perfect Snow, which is nigori (unfiltered) sake.


Kikusui Perfect Snow
Category: Nigori (unfiltered)
Origin of production: Niigata Prefecture
Rice Variety: Gohyakumangoku
SMV: -30    Alcohol content: 21%     Bottle size: 300 ml
Features: This unique nigori sake, sold only in the U.S., boasts a sweet, rich yet crisp taste and creamy texture. With high alcohol content, it has a strong impact on the palate, leaving a trace of textured rice granules. It complements full-flavored dishes such as steak, spicy dishes, Asian cuisines and sweets. Unlike conventional sake, it can be enjoyed not only straight but also on-the-rocks and in a cocktail.

Produced by Kikusui Sake Co., Ltd.  |  Distributed by NY Mutual Trading, Inc.



“Kikusui” Sakegg Nog
Cocktail recipe courtesy: Shinya Yamao of Piora

“Kikusui Perfect Snow has more depth and sweetness than other brands of nigori sake, and it’s ideal for making a cocktail. It’s tasty on its own, but it is still powerful enough when mixed with other ingredients,” says Mr. Yamao. He got the inspiration for Sakegg Nog from traditional egg nog and Japanese “tamago-zake”, a drink made from sake, egg yolk and sugar. “It can be enjoyed both chilled and warmed. It turns more aromatic when warmed.”

• 1.5 oz Kikusui Perfect Snow  ο 1.5 oz soy milk  ο 1 egg yolk  ο 1/2 oz granulated sugar
• 1/4 vanilla bean pod (Can be substituted with vanilla essence)

Directions  (Chilled version):
1. Scrape vanilla bean paste from the pod.
2. Put all ingredients and a big ice cube in a shaker.
3. Shake the mixture until all the ingredients are well blended.

Directions  (Warmed version):
1. Scrape vanilla bean paste from the pod.
2. Put all ingredients in a sturdy glass.
3. Blend with a hand mixer until all the ingredients are well blended.  4. Warm up and serve.







Kikusui Sake Co., Ltd.
Niigata Prefecture, home of Kikusui Sake, is famous for quality rice production as well as sake consumption and production. Kikusui has produced quality sake in the northern, snowy part of the prefecture for over 130 years. One defining characteristic of this area is the abundance of groundwater sources carrying clear, pristine water from the melted snow. The brewery is also known as the first to release an innovative canned nama (unpasteurized) sake, bringing the freshest taste to the table.

750 Shimagata, Shibata City
Niigata 957-0011 JAPAN
TEL: +81-254-24-5111  |




This chic West Village restaurant is a collaboration between proprietor, Simon Kim and chef, Christopher Cipollone that pays homage to their respective Korean and Italian heritages. Piora also reflects their passion for refined experiences, with Chef Cipollone’s modern American cuisine that captures the robust flavors of seasonal ingredients. Mixologist Shinya Yamao creates seasonal concoctions while a wine list of over 300 labels composed by Chef/Sommelier Victoria James constantly evolves.

430 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014
TEL: 212-960-3801  |