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200 Years Old Brewery Goes Worldwide


Nakamura Brewery Co., Ltd.

Kanazawa is known as a historical city that thrived commercially and culturally during Japan’s feudal society since the 16th century. Founded by the Maeda clan, the city was developed under the samurai culture, and you still can find this heritage in its craftsmanship, architecture, food and ways. Blessed with this rich culture and an optimal environment for producing sake, Nakamura Brewery has been brewing sake characterized as “tannrei umakuchi” (refined and flavorful) for almost 200 years.
Located in the heart of the Tedorigawa River basin, the brewery has access to high quality water from the Hakusan Mountains and locally grown rice, and can maximize the region’s cold climate which is ideal to brew delicate ginjo sake. The water is slightly soft, which is considered perfect for the slow, cold temperature brewing style.
Nakamura Brewery believes that the holy trinity of sake is to source locally, brew locally, and consume locally. True to this principle, they strive to use ingredients from local contract farmers as much as possible. It should be noted that they produce the organic junmai sake AKIRA with a local organic rice farmer, Kanazawa Daichi, one of only 10 breweries certified in organic production, among almost 1500 sake breweries in Japan.
There are several sakes from Nakamura Brewery available in the U.S.: the delicate and refined Nichiei Junmai Daiginjo, the elegant and rich Nichiei Junmai Ginjo, the gorgeous and fruity Renaissance Kanazawa, the clear and refreshing Kaga Setsubai, unique frozen sake, Kaga no Yukizake, etc. The brewery not only sticks to the tradition it takes pride in, but also intends to promote fascinating Japanese culture to the world. In doing so, they are open to new and foreign concepts and passionately explore the possibility of flavor. In 2010, they developed a sake in collaboration with Alain Ducasse. The sake Nichiei Alain Ducasse has not yet arrived in the U.S., but it would be great to be able to pair it with the brilliant dishes from his French gourmet empire in New York.

Nakamura Brewery Co., Ltd.
3-2-15 Nagadohe, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
920-0867 JAPAN
TEL: +81-76-248-2435


3 things you should know about Nakamura Brewery Co., Ltd.


Embracing and Facing the World
Nakamura Brewery pursues two opposite yet ultimately related objectives: To perfect the essence of Japanese sake and to explore the flavors required to be accepted outside Japan. While doing so, they are open to non-Japanese ideas and opinions and incorporate them into their sake. The result is Nichiei Alain Ducasse, which was created with the help of Alain Ducasse.


Organically Certified Sake Brewery
This is one of the rare sake breweries that has obtained organic certification. In Japan, assessment is conducted annually and passing is necessary to maintain this qualification.


Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Production
Their brewing water is undercurrent pumped up from the 100-meter-deep ground, which is actually precipitation from 60-70 years ago from the mountains which seeped through over the decades. They consider the surroundings of their production seriously, and in order to keep a sustainable environment they filter industrial drainage, striving to keep it one tenth of the risk standard set by the local government.