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Innovation Establishes The Tradition

Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery

For nearly 400 years, Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery in Ishikawa Prefecture has produced quality sake based on the strong belief that “constant innovation establishes the tradition.” While firmly keeping their spirit of craftsmanship, they have been flexible enough to adjust their products to what people of each generation are seeking. Also, the city of Kanazawa which is their base is traditionally known for its sophisticated food culture. Therefore, the quality of their sake has improved through their efforts to accommodate their primary customers’ fastidious taste buds. Accordingly, their brand KAGATOBI really represents the brewery’s character.

This is so-called “junmai-gura,” where they brew jumai type sake which is made from only rice, water and koji without any additives. In order to produce the highest standard flavor, they carefully select the ingredients. The underground water they use is called “hyakunen-sui” or hundred year-water, which is literally perfected through a hundred-year process. Rainfall on the Hakusan Mountains permeates underground, absorbing numerous optimal components for sake brewing before it gushes out. The water contains a fair amount of minerals, and this contributes to the crisp flavor of KAGATOBI. As for the rice, they work in collaboration with their local rice farmers to get the flavors they really want.

In the U.S., three lines from KAGATOBI are available all year round.  Daiginjo Ai is the most fragrant type, whose clean taste really goes well with sashimi and seafood dishes. Junmai Ginjo is full-bodied and has more rice flavor than Daiginjo Ai. It is best suited for meat dishes. Yamahai Junmai Cho-Karakuchi is made using a traditional brewing method, and it boasts a unique aroma and comfortable acidity. It can be enjoyed both chilled and hot. They also occasionally bring seasonal flavors such as non-filtered or non-pasturized fresh sake.

With their innovative mind, the brewery is passionate about creating products that meet the trends of the period. Thanks to this, you can always expect something that inspires you.

Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery
2-8-3 Ishibiki, Kanazawa-shi,
Ishikawa, 920-0935 JAPAN
TEL: +81-76-223-1161

Three things you should know about Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery

1. “Junmai Gura” That Produces Profound Flavor
The secret of their sake’s “rich but refreshing” taste comes from the fact that they are junmai gura, which are brewed from only rice, water and koji. Also, they put extra effort into using optimal ingredients: Hyakunen-sui water and special rice from contract farmers.  Because of that, people are able to fully appreciate the unique flavor and deep aroma from each rice variety, as well as their artisanal brewing technique.

2. Related Products Using  Their Brewing Technique
Fermentation is one of the most important parts of the sake brewing process.  Since they are experts at brewing and fermentation, it is easy for them to produce unique items by taking advantage of their knowledge and technique. Such related products that utilize their expertise include non-alcoholic health products such as amazake and mirin, natural cosmetics and items for bathing.

3. The Brewery’s Showrooms Work As a Crossroads
Fukumitsuya has three showrooms, one in their home city Kanazawa and the other two in Tokyo.  Here people can buy sake as well as numerous related items such as sweets, snacks, tableware, and original cosmetics made from rice.  The showrooms are a great crossroads where they can introduce new items to see how they will be received. To find out their exact locations, please check their website: