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Sake Sommelier

From a Small Town to the World

Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery, Co., Ltd.

Facing the Japan Sea and located at the foot of the Chugoku Mountains, Tottori Prefecture’s Sakaiminato City produces an abundance of marine and mountain products. This area which houses the Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery has four distinct seasons, and its blessings of nature provide optimal ingredients as well as the ideal environment in which to brew delicious sake. This Southwestern microbrewery’s sake is now widely available domestically as well as in the U.S., Korea, Taiwan and China.

Their start was 144 years years ago, and since then they have grown steadily with teamwork between humans and nature.  This growth continues as it’s the perfect land for sake brewing. They use locally grown rice which are varieties optimal for sake brewing (Yamadanishiki, Goriki, and Gohyakumangoku), and they go to the foot of the mountains to pump up two tons of spring water every day.  But what they put their most effort into is the rice-steaming process. They employ a technique called “over-heat steam temperature optimizing control” to get the best steaming effect, and then cool it down naturally. In order to create the ideal environment for sake brewing, they incorporate advanced technology along with traditional craftsmanship.  “Our goal is to make our customers happy by producing tasty, genuine, safe and healthy sake made from local ingredients. Always keeping gratitude in mind, we want to grow together with them until we achieve the number one position,” says Mr. Haruo Okasora, president of the brewery, in summary of their philosophy.

What’s available in the U. S. are five Chiyomusubi brand flavors (CHIYOMUSUBI Tokubetu Junmai, TOBINGAKOI Daiginjyo, GORIKI Junmai Ginjyo, RIKASUIMEI Junmai Ginjyo, RYO Junmai Ginjyo) as well as ONI NO SHITABURUI Honjyozo. They also introduce a sweet potato based shochu, IMO SOJU HAMA NO IMOTA. There are a variety of sake you can choose from according to your mood and the food you like to pair them with. Also, it is worth it to try their award-winning one-cup style Kitaro sake.

Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery, Co., Ltd.
131 Taisyomachi, Sakaiminato
Tottori 684-0004 JAPAN

Three things you should know about Chiyomusubi

1. Tourists’ Favorite Spot

Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery attracts many visitors for touring and tasting because it is conveniently located on the Mizuki Road which attracts 1,600,000 tourists per year. Mizuki Road was founded to commemorate legendary manga artist Shigeru Mizuki, who created the unique ghost story Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro. The brewery holds an opening event on the second Sunday of March every year, and they typically have about 1,000 visitors on this day.

2. Comic Storytelling Events at Brewery

Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery enthusiastically cooperates with Sakaiminato City to promote their hometown. This November, the brewery will hold a rakugo (traditional comic storytelling) event called Yokai Yose. To entertain visitors, they will create a stage in their milling house and invite a master storyteller of the ages, Sanyutei Horaku.

3. Maximizing Local Blessings

Using locally grown ingredients is the brewery’s philosophy. This applies to the rice for sake, sweet potato and buckwheat for shochu, and plum for plum wine.  These genuine local products play a key role in the flavors they are able to create.