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1006 Flushing Ave., (Wilson Ave. & Noll St.), Brooklyn, NY 11237
TEL: 718-417-1091 |
Mon-Sat: 6 pm-Midnight, Sun: 6-11 pm


Okiway offers scrumptious okonomiyaki creations, from Traditional Spicy Hiroshima Okonomiyaki all the way to Nachos Okonomiyaki (left).

People are always interested in surprising their taste buds in delightful and unique ways. With many of creative, playful dishes, Okiway, a new Japanese fusion Izakaya in Bushwick, has customers coming back for everything on the menu. Owner, Vincent Minchelli launched the restaurant-bar to introduce authentic Japanese Izakaya dishes, featuring okonomiyaki pancakes, to his home ground, which is growing as a happening gourmet place. With frequent travels to Tokyo in order to get fresh ideas and take in the city’s food culture, he offers both authentic Japanese and Japanese-Mexican cuisines in this neighborhood izakaya. Small but modestly priced appetizers make it a great place to try new foods, such as Wasabi Guacamole and Sashimi Cactus, but their authentic izakaya food like Chicken Nanban and Spicy Hiroshima Okonomiyaki are also not-to-be-missed. In addition to the regular menu, they constantly premiere their creations as weekly specials; with Nachos Okonomiyaki, for example, they keep bringing novelty to their servings. In the upcoming months, they’ll even be adding brunch items. Their long, dimly lit restaurant hides gems of old Japanese anime figures, pop culture, advertisements, and art, which are all arranged by Vincent. With things to look at and a relaxing place to chat with friends, Okiway is the epitome of the ‘after work hangout’ spot.



From traditional Takoyaki Classic to Sashimi Cactus; everything tastes as great as it looks!


Corn Tempura – An American twist on tempura/a Japanese twist on corn.


Okiway’s charming interior provides good food in good company.

3 Best Sellers
Wasabi Guacamole  $8
Spicy Hiroshima Okonomiyaki  $15.50
Chicken Nanban  $8