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Restaurant Review

Himalayan Yak

72-20 Roosevelt Ave.
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
TEL: 718-779-1119 /
Mon-Thu: 12 pm-11 pm, Fri-Sun: 12 pm-Midnight

Samayabajee (front) is a Newari snack platter including radish pickles, fried soybeans, beaten rice, sautéed goat intestines, and spicy chicken mixed and eaten together. Phaparko Dhendo is a Himalayan combination platter with buckwheat pancakes, yak butter, spicy vegetables, dried meat, crushed pickles and goat curry.

Flavors from the Rooftop of the World

Tucked away in Jackson Heights is a South Asian restaurant that has made Queens a destination for many out-of-state visitors, taking customers on an exotic tour the minute they step inside the South Asianesque space. Himalayan Yak is the name of the gem, serving Nepalese, Himalayan, Tibetan, and Indian home cooked dishes, and has been Michelin recommended for two years in a row.

Momo, Tibetan style dumplings, is a national dish.

“Nepalese food is best explained as a combination of Indian and Mongolian food due to its geological location, but we use a lot of yak meat, because cows are sacred. The cuisine has many styles depending on the region,” explains manager Jimmy Gurung. Their signature dish includes Samayabajee, a traditional Newari snack platter from the Kathmandu region, as well as Phing-Sha, the ramen noodles of Himalayan cuisine. Popular appetizers include Momo (Tibetan style dumpling), and Gyuma (Tibetan blood sausage). Whatever you order, the quality of the food is exceptional and very reasonably priced. They are also vegetarian friendly as well so no one gets left behind.

Marinated with ginger, garlic, and various spices, Chicken Lollipop is one of the most popular appetizers in the restaurant.

The nightly live music featuring a well-known band from Nepal, and the South Asian drinks at the bar like the Khukuri Rum, and Tibetan barley wine, known as sherpa wine, add to the exotic adventure, making it hard to remember you are still in NY.

Himalayan Yak Restaurant currently offers15% off for dine-in customers.
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