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Hakubai Restaurant


66 Park Ave., (at 38th St.), New York, NY 10016
TEL: 212-885-7111
Mon-Fri: 11:45 am-2:30 pm, 6-10 pm, Sat & Sun: 6-10 pm


If authenticity is the priority of your dining experience, there is one place in town you must take yourself to, and that is Hakubai, a kaiseki restaurant located in The Kitano Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. “Kaiseki is very much an extension of the tea ceremony and is an art of total dining experience. This form of Japanese formal dining is meant to be enjoyed with all your five senses,” explains deputy general manager of The Kitano, Mr. Yasuyuki Kojima. The restaurant offers a variety of courses, the most traditional being the Omakase course with seasonal daily specialties and rare delicacies ($170). Others include Okonomi, a course that includes monthly specialties and can cater to some menu adjustments ($98), and Washugyu Shabu Shabu using homemade sesame sauce ($115). But one of the most exciting ones offered now is Hakkaisan Sake Pairing Course ($100) which comes with two kinds of Hakkaisan (tokubetsu junmai and futsu-shu) along with a course menu centered around Hakkaisan’s profile. The course is available until August 2012, with contents changing with each season. Courses for lunch are just as luxurious like Kenbi (health and beauty) Lunch for $36.25, popular with female customers.

Hakkaisan Sake Pairing Course

The Hakkaisan Sake Pairing Course includes an amuse-bouche, first appetizer, appetizer, entrée and dessert which all reflect the season. The colorful variety of items included in the menu makes it a memorable feast you’ll want to enjoy with a special someone.


3 Best Sellers
Goma Tofu $8
Nabeyaki Udon $20
Washugyu Shabu Shabu $115