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30 St. Marks Pl. (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.), New York, NY 10003
TEL: 646-476-2324/
Sun-Mon: 12-10 pm, Tue-Thu: 12-11 pm, Fri-Sat: 12 pm-1 am

A long awaited hotdog joint, created by a Japanese in Vancouver, opened this past January in the heart of the bustling East Village. JAPADOG, as its name suggests, serves hotdogs with a Japanese twist. Even though the Japanese are renowned for their food innovations, it seemed a challenge to propose such a novelty menu in a city famed for America’s most favorite fast food. Toshiaki Tanaka, chef/manager of their NY branch says,  “We are fussy about the ingredients. Look at our 6” sausage. It’s big. It’s locally made. We pick specific sausages for different flavors.” The buns made to order by a New York bakery are longer and crustier. More than anything, the distinctive feature of JAPADOG is its 11 options of toppings and flavors. Shake off your presumptions and try Terimayo, all beef hotdog with teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo and nori seaweed. If you are an avid Japanese foodie, try Oroshi, which is Bratwurst, a German style pork sausage, with grated daikon radish. Finally, don’t forget to pair your hotdog with fries, which come in unique seasoning flavors such as butter & shoyu, shichimi & garlic, and wasabi.  They also serve vegetarian dogs.

Terimayo, The Kobe, and Oroshi

(From right to left) Terimayo: a wonderful harmony of sweet and sour with a scent of sea breeze from nori seaweed, The Kobe: a luxurious attempt at a juicy Kobe beef hotdog, and Oroshi: a totally refreshing experience for your palate.  Fries with your choice of seasoning are the perfect match for hotdogs.


3 Best Sellers

Terimayo: $4.81 or $7.99 for a Combo with drink and fries
Okonomi: $6.37 or $9.55 for a Combo
Croquette: $5.96 or $9.14 for a Combo