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Sake Bar / Japanese

2 W. 32nd St., 2nd Fl., New York, NY 10001
TEL: 212-695-7272 /
Lunch: Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Dinner: Mon-Thu, Sun 5:30pm-12am, Fri, Sat 5:30pm-3am

If you can find the entrance to this hide away in the heart of K-Town, you’ll have the luxury of experiencing great pairings of sake and one of a kind izakaya dishes.  Mr. Keita Akaboshi, sake distributor and experienced sake sommelier, promotes Kirakuya in hopes of creating a relaxed atmosphere to cater Japanese sake to New Yorkers.  The sake list here features 120 brands and is conveniently divided into four categories on the menu: smooth, aroma, rich and special.  This helps customers to choose their favorite; however, if you’re looking for the perfect marriage of sake and food, it would be better to ask Mr. Akaboshi and his trained staff members for advice.  “Each person has his own taste and even it changes depending on the mood of the day, health condition, etc.  So, sake pairing is extremely delicate,” he says.  What completes his philosophy is the food here.  Chef Michihiro Kumagai, who was trained in Japanese and Italian cuisine, creates wonderful dishes, which are carefully prepared to complement sake. All foods are reasonably priced to encourage customers to experiment with sake pairings.  If you are an insatiable food and sake lover, Kirakuya is the place to go.

Assorted Fresh Vegetables & Prosciutto

Slightly grilled vegetables are served with delicate creamy anchovy sauce and topped with velvety prosciutto, exquisitely melting in your mouth.  “The amino acid in sake goes especially well with dairy like cream and cheese.  So, it’s a perfect dish to pair with the sake of your choice,” suggested Mr. Akaboshi.


3 Best Sellers
Assorted Fresh Vegetables & Prosciutto  $9
Washu-Beef Misozuke  $8
Daikon & Roasted Chicken (Yaki Oden) $8