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Shochu Bar Hatchan

Shochu Bar / Japanese

210 E 44th St. (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.)
TEL: 212-687-5075
Mon-Sun: 5:30pm – midnight

As the only shochu bar in NYC so far, Shochu Bar Hatchan in midtown Manhattan that opened last May, is truly a step ahead of the game. Although shochu (Japanese spirits) is a field that is only now gaining momentum in the US, this shochu bar never ceases to be busy. Currently carrying more than 40 different types of shochu from various regions of Japan, the bar can accommodate shochu beginners who want to learn about the various types of shochu in the form of flights, and will not disappoint connoisseur level drinkers either. Catering to their shochu list is a wide variety of authentic Japanese bar food. “We tend to have rich, bold, salty, foods packing a punch like Squid and Spicy Cod Roe and Yakitori (skewered meat) to go with shochu. Our warm Oden Assortment is one of the most popular items that is extremely nice in the winter season with shochu on the rocks” says owner/chef Mr. Yatogo (aka Hatchan). Because the bar is a part of Yakitori East Restaurant located next door, any food available next door is available here, including the great deals. Even if you are not a shochu fan right now, one foot into the warm, comfortable atmosphere of Hatchan might just change that.


Oden is a Japanese traditional boiled dish and one of the popular Japanese comfort foods that always warm people’s feelings. The oden at Hatchan is unique in that they use a salt-based broth. In general, the food at Hatchan is never too salty, yet bold enough to create a perfect harmony with shochu.

3 Best Sellers
Kalbi   $6.25
Tonsoku (pigs feet)  $7
Oden Assortment  $12