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1193 1st Ave., (bet. 64th & 65th Sts.) New York, NY 10065
TEL: 212-988-8408
Mon-Wed: 5:30pm-11pm  Thu-Sat: 5:30pm-Midnight

Hidden on a remote stretch of First Avenue, with an all-black interior lit by pools of smoky light, Tori Shin feels like a secret society. And in a way it is. Quite simply, it’s the best yakitori restaurant in New York City and if you do things right, it’s also the most authentic. So sit at the bar, put yourself in the hands of chef Koichi Inoue and order the omakase menu. Then order some shochu (sake is Westerners-only here) and let him guide you through exciting tasting menu.  Yakitori, grilled chicken on bamboo skewers, is street food in Japan, but Tori Shin, popular yakitori house in Tokyo, elevates it to an art form. The omakase menu consists of an appetizer, ten skewers, and a kobachi (small bowl), with the appetizer and the kobachi changing monthly.  It all sounds simple, but this kind of simplicity takes a lot of work. The chicken is free-range and organic, from a farm in Pennsylvania, and even the charcoal is binchotan (white charcoal) prized for the high temperature at which it burns and imported from Japan. Binchotan radiates more infrared heat than regular charcoal, warming the food from the inside out; exactly the way Tori Shin’s transcendent simplicity will warm your soul.

Appetizers and kobachis of January Special

(clockwise from top right) Chicken Porridge, Chicken and turban shell with egg-yolk vinegar,
Seasonal vegetables from Kyoto boiled in Dashi broth,
Chicken roll with burdock, Chinese style Chicken salad. 
They will be served part of Omakase Course ($80) in January.

The most popular dish among Japanese customers  BEST 3!

(1)Liver skewer ($4)
(2)Solilesu skewer ($5)
(3)Tebasaki-Chicken Wing ($5)
*A la carte can be ordered after 10pm