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Restaurant Review

Go Restaurant


30 St. Marks Pl. (bet. 2nd & 3rd Ave.)
Tel: 212-254-5510
Mon-Thurs, Sun: 5pm-2am, Fri&Sat: 5pm-4am

Located right smack dab in the middle of St. Mark’s Place, Go is a neighborhood landmark much like the Sock Man and Andromeda across the way. Open late, Go serves a variety of different styles. There’s an exclusive yatai-dish menu, a regular menu with sushi, donburi, curry and udon among other things, and a “kitchen menu” with traditional Japanese dishes. Perfect if you’re looking for a real meal during late hours, this hole in the wall will provide you with hot dishes on weekends until four in the morning! The okonomiyaki is a favorite here, prepared in the Hiroshima style with loads of cabbage. Also worth mentioning is Oden, a stewed broth, great during cold months. One can choose from a number of different varieties of fish cake, daikon (radish), konnyaku (vegetable gelatin), tamago (egg), atsu age (deep fried tofu) and mochi-kin (specially prepared mochi). If you’re on a budget you’ll find fellow conscious NYU students frequent Go for their reasonable prices and generous quantities.


Pan-fried layered pancake with shredded cabbage,
pork and yakisoba topped with fried egg,
okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

The most popular dish among Japanese customers  BEST 3!

(2)Miso Ramen ($8.50)