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Café Crepe

135 First Ave. (bet. St. Marks Pl. & 9th St.)
Tel: 212-460-5102
Sun-Thurs: 2pm-midnight, Fri-Sat: noon-2am

Cecel Café Crepe is a very recent addition to the East Village restaurant scene. Owner Kaz Yokoi, who honed his Japanese and French cooking skills at Sushi of Gari and Payard, says, “I wanted to create a place where you could easily get your hands on authentic tasting crepes.” The crepe hails from Brittany, France, a pancake-like creation originally made with buckwheat flour. It is often filled with ham and cheese and eaten as a savory snack. Cecel offers 19 different crepe fillings, from chocolate & banana and apple tatin dessert-style crepes to original savory concoctions filled with hijiki and tofu. What makes Cecel crepes unique is their shape. Unlike the standard triangular folded crepe, Cecel crepes are rolled up and wrapped in paper, more closely resembling soft-serve ice cream cones. The ingredients are all high quality like those used in the restaurants of top hotels and the loving attention to detail that goes into the making of these crepes and the cream filling is evident with every bite.

Double Mango

It’s an odd feeling to take a big bite out of such a delicate treat while walking the East Village streets. Fresh mango and mango sauce are a refreshing mix. $7.25, and $4.25 for small size.

The most popular dish among Japanese customers  BEST 3!

(1)Choco Banana ($6.50/$3.75 for small)
(2)Red Bean ($6.75/$4.00)
(3)Apple Tatin ($7.50/$4.50)