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JAPANESE   Contemporary Sushi

226 W. 50th St. (bet. 8th Ave. & Broadway)   Tel: 212-258-2988
Monday:11:30 am-11pm, Tuesday-Thursday: 11:30am-11:30pm,
Friday:11:30am-12am, Saturday: 4:30pm-12am, Sunday: 4:30pm-11pm

While a Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant might seem like something that’s been around, until Natsumi came along, you may have been hard put to find one. The Natsumi menu, based around Japanese dishes, is uniquely accented with Italian ingredients like Parmesan cheese, basil, arugula, and balsamic vinegar. The uniqueness doesn’t stop with the menu: as you enter Natsumi, you will find the restaurant on the left while on the right there is a lounge bar for double the entertainment possibilities. The creativity continues with the interior design, which combines Japanese stucco walls and Italian frescoes with a modern take on a traditional Japanese lattice pattern. The excellent pizza nuova perfectly embodies the restaurant concept. Among the three types they offer, the spicy crab with tobiko and avocado pizza has a thin pizza crust spread with a spicy sauce and topped with avocado, crab, lettuce and a dollop of tobiko. This healthy combination will make you feel as though you’re eating a salad. The crunchy crust and bursting tobiko are also a delight for your mouth. This new style of Japanese cuisine definitely merits a try.

Pizza Nuova—Spicy Crab with Tobiko Avocado

Since the spicy crab pizza is cut into bite-sized pieces, it’s the perfect casual snack food to eat with your hands ($13.50). The other two versions are tuna & spicy mayo and salmon & cheese ($12 each.)

The most popular dish among Japanese customers  BEST 3!

(1)King Crab Dampling ($8.50)
(2)Pizza Nuova ($12-13.50  3 kinds)
(3)Sushi Deluxe ($24)