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Kitano Hotel – 66 Park Ave. Tel: 212-885-7111
Lunch- 11:45am- 2:30pm Dinner – 6:00pm-10:00pm
(For Okonomi 9pm at the latest)

Dreaming of a trip to Japan but dread the twelve hour flight? Take a trip to Hakubai in the Kitano New York, instead.  One of the most famous Japanese restaurants in New York, it is authentic down to the ohashi (chopsticks). It is fair to say that when you step inside this restaurant, you have stepped into Japan. Hakubai serves Kaiseki cuisine to businessmen and certain famous Japanese baseball players alike. It is the multi-course dinner that originated over 500 years ago. Traditionally, Kaiseki was served in temples during the elaborate tea ceremony.  Yukihiro Sato, the executive chef, has spent years perfecting these dishes.  In the brightly lit dining room you can enjoy Japanese artwork and Omakase Kaiseki. At Hakubai you can also try a wide range of other Japanese cooking. From the Una ju, summer eel, to the Chawan Mushi, there are dishes you rarely see in New York’s Japanese restaurants.  Every flavorful plate is unique to Japan and for the true culinary adventurer. Hakubai proves that you do not have to suffer jetlag in order to taste fabulous Japanese food.

Lunch Bento Box

Based on traditional Japanese lunch boxes, the Lunch Bento Box at Hakubai is the perfect summer lunch. Inside a beautiful lacquer box, you find  sashimi, Tempura and Beef teriyaki.  In addition it is served with rice, miso soup and sesame tofu. The restaurant even makes it’s own tofu which is a particular treat. For those tired of lunch salads and sandwiches, Hakubai’s Bento box is an ideal choice.

The most popular dish among Japanese customers  BEST 3!

(1)Okonomi Kaiseki ($85)
(2)Nabeyaki Udon ($18)
(3)Chawan Mushi ($8)