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Restaurant Review

Taka Sushi

JAPANESE  Sake/Sushi/Izakaya

821 Carman Ave
Westbury, NY 11590
Tel: 516-876-0033

Taka, located in Westbury, Long Island, has a warm welcoming atmosphere that had me almost singing out “I’m home” when I walked through the door. The restaurant seats 37 in total, which means you’ll always be in close range of the chefs friendly attentions behind the sushi counter up front. Chef Takashi Yamaguchi took on the not-so-arduous task of tasting and comparing a wide range of sakes to ensure his collection of 20 or so regional sakes is the best around. Yamaguchi said he also occasionally holds sake-tasting events for people who want to learn about this high quality beverage. The restaurant boasts many regular customers who venture from afar, and Yamaguchi laughs that “Taka could be the place on Long Island where you’ll find the most Japanese in one spot.” The pride of the menu is “amadai no kenchinmushi”, shellfish, laid open and stuffed with tofu, mixed with grated yam, carrot, wood ear mushroom and edamame, before being steamed and topped with ankake, a thick starchy sauce. This popular restaurant, hidden away in Long Island, is well worth the train ride and a trip out of the city.

Amadai no kenchinmushi

The tilefish, stuffed with savory ingredients, is a concentration of great tastes. The sauce contains grated turnip, and with the aroma of citrus-flavored pepper, it gives this dish an indescribably gentle flavor. $7.50.

The most popular dish among Japanese customers  BEST 3!

(1)Broiled Mackerel with Special Sauce ($7.50)
(2)Ika Somen ($5.75)
(3)Sui Gyoza ($5.00)