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251 W. 55th St. (bet. Broadway & 8th Ave.)
Tel: (212) 956-0670
Tues-Sat: 5:30pm-11:45pm   Closed: Sun & Mon

Royalty is something people are born into, but when dining at Sugiyama, one of New York City’s most critically acclaimed Japanese restaurants, eating with the same elegance as the emperor becomes an everyday practice thanks to head chef Nao Sugiyama and his delightful array of Kaiseki dishes. Upon entering Sugiyama, the beauty of the interior mood lighting instantly melts away the outside city chaos and transports you to the old city of Kyoto where you are politely welcomed and seated by a smiling staff.  Sitting at the bar allows you to personally witness the culmination of Sugiyama’s 36 years of experience as he inquires about your likes and dislikes before taking your palate on a tour through the finest tastes Japan has to offer.  Mr. Sugiyama often concludes his Kaiseki meals with a special grapefruit dessert he invented years ago made from hand-squeezed grapefruit juice, sugar, lemon, Chardonnay, and scotch served in very cold cream with a mint leaf on top. 

With an inviting atmosphere complimented by friendly staff, dining at Sugiyama is truly a majestic experience filled with great food and top notch service.


The Kaiseki meals often start off light with some tofu and vegetables served in small individual cups.  Next is the raw portion of the meal which includes finely sliced high quality sashimi. The third part is a delicious soup made of small mountain vegetables and shaped fish paste which is then followed by the cooked courses that often include fish or lobster accompanied by more vegetables.

The most popular dish among Japanese customers  BEST 3!

(1)6 course Kaiseki Meal ($86)
(2)6 course Kaiseki Meal w/ WaGyu ($145)
(3)8 course Modern Kaiseki ($68)