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1193 1st Ave (bet. 64th & 65 Sts) Tel: 212-988-8408

You ask the chef, “I wonder what I should get? He replies, “We have good liver today.” You nod, hungry and impressed, ordering whatever the chef recommends. It is just this kind of easy, casual exchange with the chef across the big counter as you watch him cook Yakitori. Uniquely skewered chickens here are just divine.  As these talented chefs cut a variety of meats, sansho or shichimi spices are added giving another dimension to the flavor of the dish. This will not only impress you, but will make you hungry for what’s in store, a menu’s worth of delicate small dishes with the freshest ingredients.


Perfectly grilled barbecue skewers (from left: liver $4, ume shiso-maki $3.50, Solilesu thigh meat, $5) can be ordered by the stick after 10pm. Kuro-shichimi pepper imported from Kyoto is a perfect match for the juicy meat.

The most popular dish among Japanese customers  BEST 3!

(1)Solilesu ($5)
(2)Thigh Saikyo Yaki ($7)
(3)Tebasaki ($5)