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25 Hudson St. (bet. Duane and Reade St.) Tel: 212-274-8500
Walk-ins during summer Reservations in winter 5:45pm-11pm 5:45pm -10pm (national holidays)

What happens when haute cuisine meets ninjutsu? Find out underground in Tribeca where Ninja hosts and hostesses serve dishes with swords and disappear behind smoke clouds! Safe seating is available in a large public room that fits about thirty, but the adventurous may choose to travel through dark passages patrolled by ninjas to one of 22 private rooms resembling a medieval Japanese village layout. Reservations are advised and it is very important to know the exact address, because ninjas are masters of disguise!


Tiramisu shaped in a bonsai with twisted sugar palmier made from scratch proves to be the most popular among restaurant goers. Some stop in just for this delectable treat and a drink at the bar. $12.

The most popular dish among Japanese customers  BEST 3!

(1)Kunoichi ($50)
(2)Kuro-Subuta ($22)
(3)Batto Jutsu ($16)