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Japanese Lesson

Japanese Crossword

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1. The Winter Olympics in 1998 took place in _____
3. J-pop idol group, _ _ B 48
5. Legendary anime title in 1988, now in development to be a Hollywood live action movie
7. Buddhism based philosophy widespread in Asian coutries
8. Distilled alcohol drink enjoyed in Japan
10. The Oscar nominee, ___ Watanabe
11. Japanese word for “hair” and “paper”
12. Plant used as the Tokugawa clan’s family crest
13. Referring to a person who is unable to sense the atmosphere of a situation or conversation


2. Japanese word for “school”
4. Japanese word for “anniversary”
6. Red bean paste made from _____
8. Fava beans are called ____ mame
9. Tea
11. “Qi” or “Chi” energy in Japanese