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Japanese Lesson

Japanese Crossword 47



1. Look up at the sky at night, and you will find beautiful _______
4. ______, implying that an action or concept is repeated, is used to mean “again” and “also” depending on the context.
6. “Vegetables” in Japanese
8. ____ is used to describe someone possessing elegance and sophistication. ____ ga yoi means “elegant” or “well-mannered,” while ____ ga warui means “tasteless” or “bad-mannered.”
10. “Plate” or “dish” in Japanese
11. Mt. ____ is an active volcano located in Kumamoto Prefecture that was used as a backdrop in Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece Ran
13. A general term for card games derived from a Portuguese word meaning both “the letter S” and “cards.”
14. “Big brother” in Japanese


1. An i-adjective meaning “fast” and “quick”
2. ____kon is an upscale subculture convention in Baltimore featuring anime, manga, and cosplay.
3. At the Tanabata (Star Festival) on July 7, Japanese people hang paper with wishes written on them on ________ (bamboo branches)
5. Casual, cotton kimono are called _______. Originally worn for bathing, they are now worn at summer festivals.
7. “Living room” in Japanese
8. This past May, President Obama visited _____shima, the primary target of the atomic bomb in World War II.
9. A noun meaning “inside” and “interior”
10.  “Sleigh” in Japanese
12. A suffix used after a person’s name to indicate respect

















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