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GreeNoodle (Moroheiya Noodles)

From stir fry to soup noodle to salad, GreeNoodle is so versatile in cooking styles.  During summer, enjoy it as salad with vegetables and fruits.


In America, few have heard of “moroheiya”; however, it has actually been eaten in Egypt since ancient times, and even in Japan it is known as a super nutritious food and is widely popular. Compared to the nutritional value of other vegetables, its dietary fiber is more than twice that of spinach and pumpkin, 1.5 times the beta carotene of carrots, more than twice that of spinach, and 5 times the calcium of spinach. High in nutritional value, moroheiya has been incorporated in noodles, making an innovative product called “GreeNoodle.” Already available in the U.S. for two years, it has been attracting attention as a healthy alternative to ramen.

The development and commercialization of GreeNoodle was made possible by Mr. Sho Oga, who had originally worked in a health supplement company and was amazed when he first encountered the moroheiya vegetable. In hopes of making people enjoy this super food more easily, he started growing organic moroheiya first. It was a continuous struggle until the completion of the moroheiya field. To meet the organic farm qualification requirement, he had to find the water that would be exclusively used for his farm.  He dug holes many times to find the proper water source and finally found subsoil water pumped out from the foot of the Khao Yai Mountains of Thailand by digging a 150 meter hole below ground. He also employed farming called EM (Effective Micro-organisms) a method using microorganisms to produce crops without resorting to chemical fertilizers. Thanks to this method, GreeNoodle has been deemed certified organic in the U.S., Canada, Thailand and Europe.

Moroheiya has a characteristically sticky texture, and the ingredients that make this sticky texture are effective in forming mucous membranes in the body. However, the stickiness makes it difficult for non-Egyptians to incorporate it into their own cuisines and enjoy a lot of it.  It was Mr. Oga’s idea to come up with kneading moroheiya into noodles, which everyone loves. With the help of the staff of a leading Japanese noodle manufacturer involved in the development, making dried noodles containing moroheiya was fairly easy, but it was challenging to pull out a natural green color, give a certain body to the texture, and make it flavorful. After many trials, the taste and color were fine-tuned, which finally led to the completion of the GreeNoodle.

Since its first discovery in ancient Egypt, moroheiya has been prized for its health and beauty benefits.  Loved by Cleopatra, she used it as the secret to her beauty.


GreeNoodle is actually prepared in the same fashion as standard instant ramen.  There are plain noodles without soup base and 4 flavors available: yakisoba style noodles, Japanese style shiitake soup, miso soup, and Thai style Tom Yum soup. It’s recommended to be eaten as noodle salad or cold ramen noodles in the summer, and hot noodle soup in the winter.

The moroheiya used in GreeNoodles is grown on an organic IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) and USDA certified farm in Thailand, where the tropical climate is well suited to the plant.


In addition to the exceptionally high nutritional value, GreeNoodles are air dried instead of being fried and have no added food coloring or MSG. They also do not contain egg or animal products and all soups are vegetarian. It’s so healthy and low in calories, why not enjoy this simple to cook, and delicious GreeNoodle with the benefits of the super food, moroheiya today?


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