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Tanita Body Composition Scales


Sleek and functional, the RD-901 is the ultimate addition to your home tech. This may actually be how Tron stays fit.

Measuring one’s own health is constantly on people’s minds in some shape or form. Some do it by counting calories, others by the number of miles they run. And with today’s technology, from wrist bound fitness trackers to cell phone apps, tracking health has become much more convenient. But a certain device has been around the longest – the scale – which has evolved past simply measuring one’s weight to be able to measure characteristics that can truly have an impact on health. And with the Japanese company Tanita leading the way, such scales have never been as effective or more valuable.

Founded in 1923, as a manufacturer of a range of metal goods, Tanita has existed for nearly a century. But it wasn’t until 1992 when the company became famous for its scales, after introducing the first integrated body composition analyzer/scale to the worldwide market. In 1994, it entered the consumer market with its first scale and body fat monitor made for the home. Since then, the company’s mission has been to give consumers – from individuals to professional athletes and health care providers – the ability to accurately measure and monitor their health. The company even maintains its own research center in Japan.

Tanita’s body composition scales work by passing a low current (imperceptible to the touch) through the body, and measuring the time it takes for the current to travel. Water in the body conducts the current faster, while fat impedes it – the data collected from this is called bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA). The scale then takes the BIA data and is able to interpret it (though Tanita’s proprietary algorithm) to create a snapshot of your body’s composition. Where Tanita has been able to excel is through its commitment to innovation. For example, its use of dual and multi-frequency BIA achieves a more in-depth analysis on whose data can be used to support basic fitness and even medical recommendations.

The health benefits of investing in a Tanita scale – all of which are cleared by the FDA – are undeniable. Beyond the obvious effect on outward appearances, having excess body fat has crucial health consequences. Visceral fat (the fat stored in the abdominal area) is especially linked to conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and some cancers. Measuring this can give the user the ability to track his or her health over time, and track progress if one is aggressively trying to lose weight or get fit. Other measurements you may be interested in include muscle mass, physique rating, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, total body water, and body mass index (BMI).

For most consumers interested in tracking their body composition, the RD-901 seems to be the most appropriate. Smartphone compatible, it even uses Bluetooth to send data to an app that helps keep track of progress. For more hardcore fitness buffs, the BC-1500 InnerScan Scale is the latest in the Tanita lineup to make significant advances. Utilizing handgrips, the scale is able to measure one’s body in individual segments (arms, legs, torso), for greater accuracy.

If your health is a concern, then Tanita’s scale is the perfect fit. You’ll gain a sense of confidence about how your body is doing and come up with a better plan that balances diet, exercise, sleep and stress in a whole new way.  Visit for more information.


Instead of playing another mindless game on your phone, why not keep track of your health?



The BC-1500 knows more about your body than you do, thanks to eight BIA electrodes that connect with your feet and hands.