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What will make you look HOT this summer? — Ripplu

Ripplu’s Custom Fitting Lingerie

Tired of dieting, exercise, and taking supplements in order to feel beautiful in your own skin? With Ripplu’s specially made under-garments, you can! Ripplu, the unique custom fit lingerie boutique, is on a mission – to support women who would like to be more beautiful, no matter what your size or shape. Lingerie is just the beginning. The Store manager, Ms. Akimi Kureshiro tells how important taking care of your body is and focusing on lingerie is a good icebreaker to reflect your lifestyle. When you come to Ripplu, their in-store fitting counselors help determine the exact size bra for you through the Ripplu system that not only measures you body, but your health too.

Monitor’s Experience

Yukino Mizuno, who is a jewelry buyer, was seeking a bikini-ready body for the summer. She experienced the comfort of Ripplu’s signature bra, Bradelis, through a consultation. “I was really inspired by what they do. First, I have never received such great service like this before. The most amazing thing is that my breasts look much bigger and I feel very comfortable. I know so many bras that make our breasts look bigger with lots of padding. But this bra only has thin pads, and makes my breasts look larger naturally. Their counseling is amazing. They taught me how to use this bra and how to wash it. Maintenance of it matters as well. They also told me that I don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive bras or body-suits that other companies claim I can wear forever. I found all of her advice helpful and made perfect sense. I’m going to wear their bras and look fabulous this summer!”

575 5th Avenue, 2nd Fl. (at 47th St.), NYC
TEL: 212-599-2223

1. Clinic service
Counseling, measuring, fitting, alternations, after care.

2. Price
Custom fitting can be expensive, but Ripplu’s lingerie is long lasting and they teach you how to keep it for an extensive period. For that durability, it is very reasonable.

3. Health benefit
Good lingerie will change not only your body shape but also your health. It prevents shoulder ache, other body muscle aches and helps keep good posture.