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“We offer quality products customers can appreciate.”

Beauty Advisor of the Month: Mr. Katsuya Araki of Cosme Proud USA, Inc.

What are some special features of Cosme Proud’s skin care products?
The cosmetics industry tends to focus on brand prestige rather than effectiveness. I wanted to move away from this brand dependency and instead create something that customers could physically see making a change. Our strength lies within our quality. Cosme Proud’s differentiation points are that our high performing, anti-aging skin care products penetrate as far as the basal layer, and that they incorporate special components like amber, gold and platinum.

Can you give examples of some products that demonstrate this?
We have the Platinum Deep Treatment and the Gold Revitalizer which emit negative ions and maintain skin balance. Another signature product is our Gold Amber Rich Lotion, which does anti-oxidizing, whitening and moisturizing in the deepest layers of the skin. Amber works well on skin allergies and pimples, can erase scars, and has an anti-aging effect.

How are American and Japanese perspectives regarding anti-aging different?
I think Americans pay less attention to skin care than Japanese. Here people go out in the sun without seeming to care about getting wrinkles. In the U.S., 70% of the market is makeup sales and the rest skin care, whereas in Japan it is the opposite. I think the New York market is unique, in that consumers demand high quality skin products without being bound by brand.

Cosme Proud USA, Inc.
656 Avenue of the Americas, Limelight Marketplace 2nd Fl.
New York, NY 10011
TEL: 212-255-6130 / (NJ Office) TEL: 201-947-0010

Beauty Tip from Mr. Araki
I strongly recommend being vigilant about removing dead skin, even for men. Because it accumulates quite quickly, you should exfoliate regularly. A weekly deep cleansing is essential for getting rid of the
dead skin which can be the cause of wrinkles, blemishes and other signs of aging. Also, I would caution against any kind of chemical peel, because applying acid to your skin is dangerous. Going to the spa is always a safe option, but with Cosme Proud products you can take the same care of your skin in the comfort of your own home. The natural peeling product, Gold Revitalizer, formulates pure 24K gold to remove dead skin.