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“We offer the solution to aging odor”

Beauty Advisor of the Month: Ms. Koko Hayashi of mirai

What are mirai’s special features?
We introduce Japanese anti-aging secrets based on holistic lifestyle approaches that go beyond cosmetics. We cover skincare, body care, diet and exercise. One of mirai’s unique features is control of the odor caused by aging, as body odor changes with age. In Japan this is commonly referred to as “aging odor”, but people here seem less familiar with this term. We offer the solution to that.

How do mirai products work for body odor?
Our body wash and body spritzer are the only products available in the U.S. that can eliminate aging odor (nonenal). Our Japanese persimmon eliminates nonenal instantly and keeps its deodorant properties for a long time. There are many deodorant like items in the U.S., but they don’t eliminate nonenal.

What are some differences between Americans and Japanese?
In general, American products cover up odor by using strong fragrances, but Japanese use less masking fragrances and instead try to eliminate the source of the body odor. Americans take care of body odor by wearing perfume, but strong perfume can be annoying in public. Instead of covering up body odor, it is better to eliminate the source by using deodorant soap.

Another difference between Americans and Japanese is diet. Excessive intake of meat and fatty foods increases body odor, so a balanced diet is important not just for one’s health but also for body odor control.

TEL: 206-617-1344

Beauty Tip from Ms. Hayashi
Japanese are crazy about sun protection. Because 80% of skin aging comes from UV damage, they use umbrellas or wear gloves on sunny days. You might think sun care is only for the summer, but UV protection is necessary all year. Applying sunscreen every day is a must, but so is wearing sunglasses, hats or gloves for protection. Another tip is skin fasting. Fasting is good for you, and the same applies to your skin. When you apply rich moisturizer every day, your skin becomes lazy in that it depends on the moisturizer and stops producing natural oils on its own. Once a week, I recommend skipping night time moisturizer in order to train your skin to carry out its original function of supplying moisture by itself.