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Playing in Chic: Male Golf Fashion

courtesy of RUSSELUNO (

Golf is one of the most popular leisure activities in Japan, and it is extremely important for business people as it is a form of networking which ties to their business accomplishments. Contrary to the sports’ popularity and the constant advancement of equipment, golf fashion is a bit behind and has been considered unexciting. However, it seems to be shifting and becoming more chic and attractive.

Although the number of male golf fans still surpasses that of females, this changing orientation of golf wear was motivated by female golf players. They brought colors and styles to predominantly simple and utility-oriented golf fashion, and male golf wear trend followed that. The brands leading this trend are RUSSELUNO and MARK&LONA, both of which feature casual and popular aspects of golf clothes. RUSSELUNO promotes fun-to-wear golf clothes while MARK&LONA boasts of daring design and superior functionality. Both are accepted by a wide range of customers from those in their twenties to those in their fifties.  However, since each person has his own unique style, fans tend to stick to one brand and avoid mixing multiple ones when coordinating their golf style. On the other hand, for those who are unwilling to commit to one brand trying a select shop is recommended. Established select shops like BEAMS and BARNEY’S NEW YORK now provide golf collections and allow people to choose from several styles according to their senses. Compared with RUSSELUNO and MARK&LONA, the styles highlighted in select shops are rather traditional and basic. So here it is safe to coordinate several different brands, and it’s even common to incorporate non-golf brands into golf fashion.

Although most of the items are not available in the U.S., we should keep eyes on golf fashion in Japan, which has gone from boring to exciting.

——– Reported by Mark Minai


Mark Minai resides in Japan and writes articles and books on cultural trends and fashion issues.

courtesy of RUSSELUNO

courtesy of BEAMS (