2018 Freshness at ‘90s Prices at this Classic Joint

Since opening 27 years ago, Takahachi on Ave. A has grown into one of New York City’s great stalwarts of Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is unmistakably one of the most essential neighborhood joints in the East Village, thanks to its enjoyable atmosphere, izakaya style bites, and some of the most reasonable sushi you will find anywhere. True World Food’s decades long relationship with Takahachi is a reminder that high quality and consistency promises a long career in the ever-growing landscape of sushi restaurants of all kinds.

Headed by Chef Jack Hlaing, better known to his regulars as ‘Chef Jack’, Takahachi is a rare find not only because of its longevity, but also because of its loyal community. Generations of diners have stretched their boundaries and palates, exploring rolls, graduating to nigiri, and opening their minds to more ‘exotic’ cuts. And they keep coming back, sometimes 5 times a week. Prices haven’t changed much since the beginning either, and diners can feast on Sushi Deluxe or Sashimi Deluxe for $21.50 or 24.50 respectively. And even the ever-ubiquitous California Roll – made with real crab meat, not the typical fake kind – is still only $6.

Founder Hiroyuki Takahashi and Chef Jack have valued the spreading of Japanese food culture above making a profit, but don’t for a moment underestimate the sushi. Every piece of fish is of the highest quality, from the strikingly well balanced Chef’s Special Sushi (a trio of perfected tuna, salmon and yellowtail nigiri) to the toothsome Kampachi Sashimi. How do they do this? According to Chef Jack, it’s thanks to having a consistent fish supplier that understands them – thus, they are able to stay efficient, order only what they need, and keep prices the way they want.

“With True World Foods, there are no surprises. Whatever is happening, whether it is the late night order or the rare emergency, they are always here to take care of it, no matter what day it is,” he said, beaming. “They send me exactly what I need, no more, no less, which allows for less waste, better consistency, and keeps things at the quality I want to pass along to my customers.

With restaurants like Takahachi still going strong, history continues to show that the future of sushi will always be bright, and at its best, will always involve True World Foods.

Chef Jack’s Special Sushi (top) and the Kampachi Sashimi (above) are truly a work of a seasoned master.

Fresh crab meat (right) arrives in pristine condition – and ready to elevate your roll (above).

Chef Jack in action. His congeniality really makes the experience of eating here that much more special.


Takahachi East Village
85 Avenue A, (bet. 5th & 6th Sts.) New York, NY 10009
TEL: 212-505-6524 | www.takahachi.net


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