Making New Jersey an Unparalleled Sushi Destination

Make no mistake – the barely three-month-old sushi restaurant, Shumi may prove itself to be one of the greats. Located in Ridgewood, New Jersey, this masterful establishment is pulling no punches when it comes to presenting authentic Japanese techniques, flavors, and experiences. True World Foods is proud to be part of this new enterprise as a purveyor of the restaurant’s exceptional selection of high quality fish.

Spearheaded by Owner and Executive Chef, David Seo, Shumi means ‘taste’ (as in ‘preference’) in Japanese, and the name pays homage to one of the Chef’s mentors (and co-owner), Kunehiko Aikasa who opened the first Shumi in Sommerville, NJ. Chef Seo trained extensively in New York City (Nobu, Sushi Samba), and is incredibly passionate about offering an authentic experience to his customers. While sporting a robust menu, the core focus of the restaurant is omakase, which comes in two varieties: a 13-course version ($60), and a 20-course version ($100). Both are carefully designed to take you on a journey of the senses.

Every morsel of food in Chef Seo’s omakase effortlessly transports you to Japan. The parade of prime cuts, from O-Toro to Japanese Red Shrimp, is exquisite. Standouts also include the rich and creamy combination of Monkfish Liver and Toro. Creative rolls, like the house Shumi Roll and the Spicy Dragon Roll, are also not to be missed. And if you opt for the larger omakase, they even finish the meal with ramen that washes everything down with unrivaled decadence. But it’s the fish that’s the star, and Chef Seo never lets you forget it.

“When we started building the restaurant, True World Foods was the first place I called,” said Chef Seo. “I trust them. They always have the best quality, and just as importantly, they have the best service. My representative always comes by for a visit, just to see how things are going. And when we need something quickly – and we always need something daily because of how much fresh fish we serve – they are always there to get it to me. Even if it has to be driven to me personally.”

We are in the midst of the new era of sushi, when key words like ‘omakase’ and ‘Tsukiji’ are no longer a luxury – they’re expected. And True World Foods is poised to deliver on the expectations of diners and restaurants, no matter where they may be.

A feast for the eyes as well as the belly, Chef Seo’s creations are beautiful.

The Shumi Roll combines spicy tuna, shrimp, caramelized spicy mayo, and furikake seasoning.

The Spicy Blue Fin Tuna Roll is an upgrade we all were waiting for.

The sleek space is the perfect stage for Chef Seo’s skillful work.

Shumi Japanese Cuisine
70 E. Ridgewood Ave. Ridgewood, NJ 07450
TEL: 201-345-0808


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