Trusting Strong Foundations at a Suburban Sushi Star

‘Gen’, is both a Japanese and Chinese word that translates to ‘foundation’. And one can see unmatched substance throughout every aspect of Gen Sushi and Hibachi – an impressive local restaurant with an ambitious and international vision. Located in Montvale, NJ, Gen takes the familiar model offering both sushi and grilling, while adding their own personal touches and ingenious concepts along the way. True World Foods has been with Gen since its inception, providing the highest quality fish for its sushi and sashimi aspirations.

Owner William Liu, who has been at the helm since he opened the restaurant in 2003, is the chief mastermind. Along with his Executive Chef Ken Xiao, he is continually studying the latest ideas and trends in the industry, and thus has maintained an unwavering dedication to quality, presentation, and ambition. These efforts have earned Gen a highly loyal customer base – from business executives to a generation of families that he has watched grow up.

Gen’s numerous original sushi dishes are all beautifully composed, rivaling even the most cosmopolitan destinations. The “R” Class Roll, inspired by local neighbor Mercedes-Benz, is every bit as luxurious as it sounds, with Blue Crab and Yellowtail rolls topped with chopped Toro. But the true standouts, like their Hudson River Roll, are the ones that trust the quality of the fish entirely. The dish sheds all rice, and instead relies on a contrast in textures made by wrapping chopped tuna and avocado within buttery, fresh slices of toro. The result is a unique and tasty morsel that is also carb-friendly, and perfect for health conscious diners who wish to maximize the pleasure of eating some of the freshest fish available.

“Everyone in the restaurant business knows True World Foods. Chef Ken is focused on quality – the best fish – that’s why we chose them. And they provide the kind of service that builds confidence, because they are always there for us. If there is an issue, they take care of it, with no questions asked.” He added, “they have been a part of the foundation of our business for 16 years, and we know they will be with us for many more.”

No matter where you go, True World Foods can also be there – helping places like Gen bring quality and authenticity to local diners in a way like never before.

The “R” Class Roll (top) and the The Hudson Valley Roll (above) are not to be missed, no matter how often you visit.

Always experimenting, this yet unnamed roll is William’s newest delicious creation – eel, tuna, and Kobe beef.

Owner William Liu and Chef Ken Xiao will not only feed you well, but also will accommodate any requests you might have.

Welcome to your new regular spot. Sit down, enjoy the food and conversation, and stay for as long as you like.


Gen Sushi & Hibachi 14 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Montvale, NJ 07645
TEL: 201-930-9188 |


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