Giving Poke Bowls a New Voice

In the past year, it seems like poke joints have spread quickly through the island of Manhattan. This has been great for everyone looking to experience a signature dish of another great U.S. island – Hawaii – healthy ‘Poke’ bowls filled with tasty fresh fish, vegetables, and rice. But it’s places like Red Poke in Hell’s Kitchen that are carving out opportunities to evolve within this hot trend. With its uniquely Korean perspective, and fish from True World Foods, Red Poke offers the flavors and quality that will set the standard for the East Coast version of these popular bowls.

Red Poke is the brainchild of restaurateur Ray Park, a former VP and General Manager at Barn Joo, who is applying his high-end experience to make Red Poke rise above the competition. With Executive Chef Brendan Yun, formerly of Barn Joo and Momosan, Park has devised a way to expand the Poke horizon by utilizing the high quality fish of True World Foods and adding the tastes and techniques that have made foods like Korean BBQ, spicy soups, and fried chicken so popular.

The entire menu offers a clear viewpoint, and reinforces that Park and Yun are here to create real food, not cash in on a trend. The Red Poke is a fresh take on the traditional, with plump pieces of fish that sing when combined with the signature sauce. The Waikiki, with its creamy wasabi aioli, is an assured crowd pleaser.  But no dish may be as personal as the YSL, named after Park’s mother, who has given her secret recipe to her son’s venture. This is definitely the one to beat, with a spicy kick that elevates every bite of fresh tuna, salmon, vegetables and herbs.

“We really want to showcase freshness and quality through the best, real ingredients,” said Park. “And because of True World Foods, we are able to meet our vision. Their personal touch really matches the heart we are also putting into our business.” Added Chef Yun, “I have known True World Foods since my early days as a chef, so they were the obvious choice for Red Poke. We get incredible daily service that we simply do not see in some other vendors. In an unpredictable business, their flexibility is invaluable.” Red Poke’s level of effort and pride is what reminds True World Foods of its own commitment. It’s simply not enough to deliver the food. It is equally necessary to foster longstanding relationships through superior service and communication.

The signature Red Poke bowl (top), YSL (left), and Waikiki (right) are among the best sellers, and it’s easy to see (and taste!) why.

For days when you simply need beef, the bibimbap-inspired Seoul bowl will satisfy you in a healthy way.

Chef Brendan Yun (right) and Owner Ray Park will make you feel right at home. They’d love for you to say hi!

Red Poke
600 9th Ave., (at 43rd St.) New York, NY 10036
TEL: 212-974-8100 |


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