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One of the key factors when choosing a restaurant is cost performance. Regardless of what type of cuisine, people always want an affordable restaurant with quality food, good service and a comfortable atmosphere. Locals in Princeton, New Jersey, flock to Masa Sushi to enjoy all of these qualities. Owned by veteran restaurateur and chef, Owen Chen, the restaurant offers All-You-Can-Eat Japanese, where diners can enjoy quality sushi, sashimi, hibachi dishes, izakaya-style appetizers, ramen and udon noodles, and tempura for only $18.95 for lunch and $24.95 for dinner. One secret of why they can serve these quality dishes at reasonable prices is thanks to seafood from True World Foods (TWF).

Assortment of sushi and rolls from the All-You-Can-Eat menu. From top clockwise: Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon, Eel, Yellowtail and Tuna.

“90% of our seafood comes from TWF, which is delivered three times a week. I used them from the very beginning of this restaurant in 2012,” says Chef Chen. Since Masa Sushi offers All-You-Can-Eat, it’s important for them to have quality fish constantly during any season. TWF can perfectly meet their needs. As a major food purveyor in the U.S. specializing in seafood, TWF sources seafood both locally and from Japan and provides a wide variety of fresh fish.

Scrumptious appetizer, White Tuna Nuta features seared white tuna topped with fried scallions and served with yuzu mustard sauce.

What makes Masa Sushi stand out is the variety of dishes. While you dig into their excellent sushi and sashimi, you can also try creative ocean menus like the Ninja Roll (deep fried roll of spicy tuna, kani crab, avocado and tobiko caviar), Sunshine Roll (salmon tempura and avocado roll topped with fresh salmon and crunch), White Tuna Nuta (pepper-coated seared white tuna served with sweet and sour mustard sauce) and Seared Scallop served with house-made yuzu salsa (pictured above). These fun approaches to seafood appeal to families with kids as well as clientele with adventurous minds, like the millennials who form a long line in front of the restaurant on weekends.

The cozy dining at Masa Sushi helps Princeton locals get relaxed and enjoy their meals. Owner/chef, Owen Chen, a veteran of the restaurant business, owns three Japanese restaurants in New Jersey.

In order to satisfy their customers, most of whom are regulars, Chef Chen cares about one thing. “TWF has a good reputation, and I especially like that they are HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified, which means that what they provide is very safe for our customers.” He completely trusts TWF not only for its quality but also for its flexibility, reliability and responsibility. With these, Masa Sushi naturally wins the trust of its customers.

Masa Sushi
415 Nassau Park Blvd., Princeton, NJ 08540
TEL: 609-520-8883  |   www.masa8restaurant.com


About True World Foods
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