A Sushi Pioneer That Hasn’t Missed a Beat

When you start to talk about textures, lines, and clarity, you may be talking jewels. Indeed, these are jewels of the sea.

For those who have lived in New York City before the turn of the millennium, the name Blue Ribbon Sushi may conjure up fond memories. Perhaps it was even a rite of passage – many people cite Blue Ribbon as his or her first experience with a quality of sushi they never before experienced. This was truly authentic sushi in a dynamic, downtown setting that to this day still has something to teach the newer sushi places popping up throughout town. Twenty years in, Blue Ribbon Sushi is still going strong, and True World Foods remains with them every step of the way.

Since opening in 1997 on Sullivan St. in SoHo, Blue Ribbon Sushi was given new meaning to “overnight success”. With hours that extended into 2am, it became a favorite among many influential New York City chefs who would come after their own restaurants closed for the night. For many, it was even an introduction to Omakase, utilizing some of the most skillfully prepared, and at that time, exotic types of fresh fish from Japan. But the aspect that keeps people coming back to Blue Ribbon Sushi is the restaurant’s relationship with its customers. Even though every morsel of sushi and sashimi is selected from the very best fresh fish that True World Foods has to offer, each chef at Blue Ribbon has a distinct personality and style. Some chefs may use more sauce or creative seasoning, while others may commit to a more restrained style. Diners and regulars are encouraged to explore until they find their favorite one.

Right now is peak time to try hikarimono – shiny fish like Kohada, Aji, and Saba.

Executive Chef Kaz Iimori is dedicated to simplicity. He relies on his knowledge of every part of every fish to execute his vision. “Ever since I joined Blue Ribbon Sushi, True World Foods has been an integral part of being a chef here,” said Chef Kaz, who has been spearheading the restaurant and its several branches for the last 10 years. “I have such a great relationship with my representatives, and we communicate well. They will call me when they have something special or unexpected. And when I ever need anything, they are always there. I trust them completely.”

Gotta catch ‘em all? One of these chefs is bound to keep you coming back.

In the competitive sushi arena, partnering with a reliable purveyor can bridge the difference between doing something good, and something that will be remembered as a milestone. And at Blue Ribbon Sushi, True World Foods’ decades of efforts and achievements are entirely on display.

Blue Ribbon Sushi 119 Sullivan St., (bet. Spring & Prince Sts.), New York, NY 10012
TEL: 212-343-0404  |  www.blueribbonrestaurants.com


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