Where Families Meet on Both Sides of the Sushi Counter

Presentation is key, and Chef John makes sure to present multiple dishes in unison – Sashimi, Red Dragon Roll (spicy salmon, shrimp, tobiko), and amuse bouche in spoons. All are essential to the Akai experience.

Once you enter the comfort of suburbia, you start seeing a wonderful trend when it comes to Asian restaurants, and in particular sushi restaurants. Not only do these places serve delicious and soul nourishing food, but also function as an active member of their local communities. Akai Lounge in Westfield, New Jersey is a prime example of this, and presents a wide range of diners some of the highest quality fish that True World Foods has to offer.

The three-year-old Akai Lounge – run by husband and wife team James and Lillian Du – is actually the second location of Akai. The original, located in Englewood, NJ, has been open for 11 years. Akai Lounge in Westfield offers a novel take on the traditional sushi restaurant, offering Latin American spins on many familiar dishes. The Du’s also know that they are pioneers in the area, and together with their chef, John Zhang, have developed a menu that is very welcoming to newcomers to sushi and sashimi.

D.E. Warrior to the left, and Avocado Sea Bass appetizer to the right. Bring your appetite.

Every generously portioned dish at Akai is brimming with flavor. The Avocado Sea Bass appetizer is a blend of delicious textures – every bite keeps you coming back for more. The D.E. Warrior is the perfect example of how Akai introduces new flavors to its customers, as a perfectly grilled piece of miso-marinated cod is paired with a sushi roll of cooked lobster, shrimp, cod, avocado and tobiko. Their ‘spoons’, which offer flavor-perfect mouthfuls of seared salmon, sea bass and toro, and poke, among others, are dazzling. And, of course, their sashimi and sushi exemplify freshness and simplicity.

“We’re one big happy family,” says Ms. Du. “Whether you are coming here to have cocktails with friends or are on a date, or want to bring your children, we are always here for our customers. And we want to serve them the best quality, the freshest fish, so that’s why we go to True World Foods.” She added, “We’ve been with them since opening our first Akai, and while restaurant purveyors come and go, True World has proven themselves time and time again. Their dedication to the quality of our restaurant also makes them part of our family.”

The lively atmosphere is perfect for enjoying exceptional fish and your favorite company.

The town of Westfield is also a charming destination in and of itself. Next time you’re nearby, make it a point to stop by Akai Lounge to see that authenticity and quality might be just around the corner in your neighborhood.

Akai Lounge 102 E. Broad St., Westfield, NJ 07090
TEL: 908-264-8660 | www.akailounge.com


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