A Sushi Haven for One Lucky Community

While Chef Charlie Yeh offers a traditional take on nigiri and sashimi, he will also create rolls that cater to the Western palate, and even takes suggestions for new items from his many regulars. The combination of lobster with thick pieces of salmon and tuna are excellent.

While enjoying a meal at a ‘special occasion’ restaurant may be great, few experiences beat the comfort and familiarity of being a regular customer at a neighborhood restaurant. Take, for instance, Sumo Sushi in the town of Pennington, New Jersey. For the past 14 years, this unpretentious spot has served wonderful sushi and sashimi utilizing high quality fish from True World Foods, in a setting that has grown into a haven for locals seeking a relaxing and delicious place to visit time and time again.

Located just minutes from Princeton, Sumo Sushi is run by chef and owner Charlie Yeh, who grew up in the restaurant business in his native Taiwan. Since opening Sumo, he has maintained his business with the approach that he wants to fill his customers every wish. A new visitor will immediately see Sumo’s popularity the moment they sit down at the sushi counter, as the display case is brimming with an impressive array of fish. With the many customers Chef Yeh has to accommodate, he always needs to have a high volume of fresh fish at the ready – especially in order to fulfill the many orders for his custom sushi rolls. The rolls, including the Sushi Bullet and Three Amigo have memorable names and equally unforgettable flavor. The best-selling New Year Roll, a combination of lobster, salmon, and tuna is particularly wonderful. The Sushi Nacho appetizer, which puts spicy tuna, avocado, and seaweed on crisped skin is a savory bite to remember.

The crunch of the ‘chip’ and the texture of the seaweed, avocado, and spicy tuna are perfectly balanced.

“True World Foods has made my life so much easier,” shared Chef Yeh. “Not just because they can provide me with the best quality fish at excellent prices, but also because they are certified. Whether it is Bluefin tuna or salmon or uni, I know exactly where my fish is coming from. This makes a huge difference not only when it comes to educating my customers, but also with day to day regulations I have to deal with.” These days, True World Foods provides 99% of the fish for Chef Yeh. Chef Yeh also discussed how True World Foods is a part of the fabric of his community. Along with regulars who come and suggest new rolls, or bring to generously share a new wine or sake they have purchased in New York City [Sumo is BYOB], his True World Food contacts also stop in regularly. “I’ve seen my representatives become managers, and they still make sure to visit me not just regarding business, but just because. It makes a real difference.”

The relaxing setting is perfect for a date or a family night out.

Next time you’re in the area, don’t forget to drop by Sumo Sushi. You will see – and taste – the difference as well.

Sumo Sushi
12 S Main St., Pennington, NJ 08534
TEL: 609-737-8788


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