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J-Life International, Inc.

J-Life International, Inc.

Live Japan. Bring the simplicity and elegance of Japanese design into your home or workspace. J-Life specializes in the traditional comforts of Japanese life with futons, zabuton, kotatsu, tatami, shoji and hundreds more exquisite products.

Takeshi Sato

Meet the roller painter artist Takeshi Sato who has revolutionized the world of painting. Chopsticks NY interviewed him to learn more about his Live Paint performances and innovative art form....
What's New?

Tea Ceré is an innovative all-in-one machine that can pulverize tealeaves into powder, brew and whisk the tea, making teatime healthier and enjoyable. ...
Japanese Culture

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese method of repairing ceramics using lacquer dusted with gold. Kintsugi has been revived into a new form of art in repairing Western and Eastern ceramics....
Japanese Recipe

Chef Chung Chow of Noreetuh restaurant shares his special “Octopus Poke with Tobiko Mayonnaise” recipe for readers to learn how to enjoy tobiko with everyday meals....
Japanese Resaurant Review

Yakiniku Futago is a new Japanese BBQ restaurant managed by twin Korean-Japanese brothers. Their restaurant features high quality wagyu beef in hybrid Japanese and Korean dishes....
Sake & Shochu Sommelier

Takasago Shuzo established in 1899, is a sake brewery from Hokkaido that uses the cold environment to create their local sake with regional flavors....
Beauty & Health Interview

JUNYA, a stylist/colorists of T-Gardens, shares his insights on hair color trends for the summer and tips for a healthy beauty routine....
Japanese Shops


Finely tailored with Japanese craftsmanship, Kamakura Shirts is famous for its comfortability and functionality. Here we dig into the secrets and philosophy behind it....
Japanese Language Lesson

Japanese Crossword

Do you know Japanese culture? Test yourself with our fun, new Japanese crossword puzzle...
Travel to Japan

Okinawa’s Makishi Public Market offers the best experience to learn about their food culture with fresh food sold and cooked all in one place....
Cool Japan

Tanabata Festival

Celebrate the legend of two young lovers exiled to different galaxies in the upcoming Tanabata Festival on July 7th with star shaped accessories and shimmering fashion to get into the festive mood! ...
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Edo period is also called Tokugawa Shogunate because the country was ruled by the Tokugawa family. Who was the first Tokugawa shougun during this era?