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Their language program is taught by highly trained instructors who are qualified through their special certification program. With their highly effective teaching technique, students learn practical Japanese in a short period of time. A trial lesson is available without a registration fee and beginner students are always welcome. Group and individual lessons are available on and off the premises as well as via Skype.

Japanese Customs for a Good New Year

Everyone wants to have a fresh, auspicious start in the New Year. In Japan, there are unique cultural practices intended to bring health and happiness as well as fulfill various wish...
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released a ready-made, frozen ramen set for home cooking. With two miso flavors, you can now enjoy IPPUDO's craft ramen at home....
Japanese Culture

Shamisen is a three string, banjo-like instrument traditionally used in Japan. It's deceptively simple but complex even to strike a chord....
Japanese Recipe

Chestnut Truffles

Kuri (chestnuts) is a popular ingredient in wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets), often used with red bean paste. This time, cooking instructor Misako Sassa sensei shares a super easy recipe making Ch...
Japanese Resaurant Review

Newcomers to the New York ramen scene, Zundo-ya offers a rich and flavorful ramen with customers' choice of seabura (pork fat) that makes it richer....
Sake & Shochu Sommelier

Shinya Yamao, mixologist at Piora Restaurant in the West Village, creates unique Sakegg-nog using the nigori (unfiltered) sake, Kikusui Perfect Snow....
Beauty & Health Interview

Skincare consultant, Maiko, talks about her expertise and shares tips on making your skincare regimen effective and efficient....
Japanese Shops

Japan's leading tableware brand, Noritake, brought an elegant yet durable fine china series, cher blanc, to the U.S. market....
Japanese Language Lesson

Japanese Crossword

Do you know Japanese culture? Test yourself with our fun, new Japanese crossword puzzle...
Travel to Japan

Yokohama Chuka-gai, Kobe Nankin-mahi, and Nagasaki Shinchi are the three biggest Chinatowns in Japan, attracting tourists form all over the world. ...
Cool Japan

Japan has a long history and meticulous technique of irezumi, or tatoo art. Introduced here are tatoo artists who create tatoo inspired by irezumi....
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