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N.Y. Togei Kyoshitsu School

N.Y. Togei Kyoshitsu School

N.Y. Togei Kyoshitsu has been offering Japanese ceramic classes for beginner to advanced students since 1994. They teach traditional artistries, aesthetics and functionality of togei. 2.5 hour trial class is $45. Unlimited studio use for open studio members.

Charlotte Kate Fox

Right before her Broadway debut in Chicago in November, Charlotte Kate Fox talks about her dramatic life turn, love of Japan, and passion for acting....
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Made with house grown sake rice, Ryusei White Label and Ryusei Nagomi are two exquisite sakes from Fujii Shuzo, a brewry with over 150 years history in Hiroshima Prefecture....
Japanese Culture

Japanese taiko drumming has a long history and diverse styles. Learn about the lively musical instrument that has been developed with the regional cultures throughout Japan....
Japanese Recipe

"Wasabi lends itself nicely to this simple guacamole recipe. Its heat cuts the fat of the avocado in a way that is both surprising and well-balanced. It’s a nice play on a more traditional American appetizer that is un...
Japanese Resaurant Review

t-swirl crepe

Rapidly expanding, New York born crepe house, "t-swirl crepe" offers Japanese style crepes using rice flour with more than 20 flavors of both sweet and savory....
Sake & Shochu Sommelier

Niigata Meijo maximizes its local blessings, cold and snowy weather, excellent water and rice, to produce high quality sake....
Beauty & Health Interview

Ken of Salon Vijin talks about his approach and technique making edgy yet manageable hairstyles while giving personalized styles for his customers....
Japanese Shops

Sharp Tea-Cere

Sharp Tea Ceré is an innovative all-in-one tea maker that can pulverize tealeaves into powder, brew, and whisk the tea, making teatime healthier and enjoyable. ...
Japanese Language Lesson

Japanese Crossword

Do you know Japanese culture? Test yourself with our fun, new Japanese crossword puzzle...
Travel to Japan

Step into Ninja Sites

There are various ninja sites in Japan, where visitors can watch reenactments of ninja battles, dress up as a ninja, learn the skills of the ninja....
Cool Japan

Pop Art and Toons

With the upcoming annual NY Comic Con, indulge in pop art culture with cartoon inspired fashion and graphic novels. Have your portrait drawn in a avatar anime style....
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Tenso JAPAN Kikkoman soy sauce
Among the following Japanese novelists, who has won the Nobel Prize in literature?