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Summer Gourmet 2014

Here we introduce restaurants that offer wonderful summer dishes as well as the hottest ramen in 2014 that will help you beat the heat

Japanese Home Cooking

From authentic Japanese summer dishes to Western dishes with a Japanese twist, here are 7 recipes using Japanese seasonings and products
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Endo Seitai Shiatsu

Endo Seitai Shiatsu

A veteran practitioner of Seitai with 21 years of experience, Mr. Endo corrects imbalances in your body to improve your posture, alleviate back, arm and neck pain, and increases energy. Castor oil treatment heals your body. Appointment is required.
Celebrity Talk

Firework Festivals in Japan

Summer is the season for fireworks in Japan, and countless of fireworks festivals held from July to August. Chopsticks NY unfolds the story behind that and introduces major festivals...
What's New?

Meticulous Hair Styling by Shinji

With experience in Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, and New York, Japanese hairstylist, Shinji offers a full range of hair services that help clients obtain the perfect hairstyle...
Japanese Culture

Beating the Heat, Kyoto-Style

Explore the Kyoto-style methods of staying cool with summery drinks, refreshing items, and helpful tips to get you through the hot weather...
Japanese Recipe

Kyoto Sloppy Joes

This month, Chef Brian Tsao of Mira Sushi & Izakaya, shares a delicious sloppy joe recipe incorporating the flavor of organic tamari soy sauce...
Japanese Resaurant Review

The Tokyo Tapas Cafe

The Tokyo Tapas Café strives to bring healthy, Japanese style eating to the West Village by offering an array of comfort foods as well as seasonal tapas Manhattan ...
Sake & Shochu Sommelier

The Sake That Celebrates Deep Aroma and Flavor

MARUISHIJOZO CO. combines techniques inherited for centuries with innovative ideas to produce sake that is bold, complex and multi-layered....
Beauty & Health Interview

Dentist to Fit a New York Lifestyle

Dr. Eunjung Jo, DDS of Astor Smile Dental chats about the advanced general and cosmetic dentistry services she offers to provide the best treatment suitable for each patient...
Japanese Shops

Toro Hamachi “Cho Rei Kun” Frozen Yellowtail

Toro Hamachi uses a special processing technology, which allows hamachi (yellowtail) to preserve its rich red bloodline and maximize its original beauty and taste...
Japanese Language Lesson

Japanese Crossword

Do you know Japanese culture? Test yourself with our fun, new Japanese crossword puzzle...
Travel to Japan


Visit Japan’s seaside towns and experience the beauty and awe-inspiring coastal views that have roused the country’s artists and leaders for centuries...

Taro Hakase

World-renowned violinist, Taro Hakase will be bringing one of his high spectacle pop performances to New York City on Dec. 5...
Cool Japan

Kawaii in New York “Kurozato”

Kurozato are dark-brown, rock-like sugar that can be enjoyed by themselves or used as an excellent sweetener substitute for baking...
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Aged at 14°F for 1 year, this golden hued sake has a wonderful aroma and a transparent taste. Drink chilled in a large wine glass.