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The Nippon Club/JFNY

The Nippon Club/JFNY

JF Japanese Language Courses focus on what you can do by using Japanese, and on practical activities that incorporate Japanese culture. Learn real-life Japanese and explore Japanese culture with us! Visit for more info.

Takeshi Sato

Meet the roller painter artist Takeshi Sato who has revolutionized the world of painting. Chopsticks NY interviewed him to learn more about his Live Paint performances and innovative art form....
What's New?

Off the Beaten Track with Odigo

Traveling to Japan has become easier with the innovative new website Odigo! Odigo allows travelers in Japan to post information about uncommon tourist spots in English a...
Japanese Culture

Japanese Nail Art, Cutting-Edge Fashion

Japanese nail art is becoming an intricate part of Japanese fashion with innovative designs and cute accessories. We dig in to find out more about this popular fashion trend....
Japanese Recipe

Grilled Prawns (Marinated in Umeboshi and Peppercorn Sauce)

Here we introduce three original recipes that will spice up your favorite dishes, using yuzu kosho, Japanese traditional chili...
Japanese Resaurant Review

Teriyaki Boy

New Yorkers’ favorite Teriyaki Boy recently came back to the city with a new, fun concept: take out lunch place by day and tachinomi (standing bar) by night....
Sake & Shochu Sommelier

300 year Old Brewery Keeps Breaking Traditions

Iinumahonke has produced delicious local sake in Chiba prefecture for centuries and now shares its brand globally by creating a new v...
Beauty & Health Interview

Asian Hair Expert’s Styling and Care

Kay Koyama of Belea New York uses her expertise with Asian hair to give her clients the latest hairstyles while improving their hair health....
Japanese Shops


Finely tailored with Japanese craftsmanship, Kamakura Shirts is famous for its comfortability and functionality. Here we dig into the secrets and philosophy behind it....
Japanese Language Lesson

Japanese Crossword

Do you know Japanese culture? Test yourself with our fun, new Japanese crossword puzzle...
Travel to Japan

The Two Towers of Tokyo

Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree are both iconic towers that have been built using the most innovative architectural engineering of their times. Their unique features and designs make them popular tou...
Cool Japan

Tanabata Festival

Celebrate the legend of two young lovers exiled to different galaxies in the upcoming Tanabata Festival on July 7th with star shaped accessories and shimmering fashion to get into the festive mood! ...
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