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The Nippon Club/JFNY

The Nippon Club/JFNY

JF Japanese Language Courses focus on what you can do by using Japanese, and on practical activities that incorporate Japanese culture. Learn real-life Japanese and explore Japanese culture with us! Visit for more info.

The Chusingura: The Story of the 47 Ronin

Known as the tale of the forty seven ronin, the story of the Chusingura is based on a series of incidents happened over 300 years ago. Here w...
What's New?

Ultimate Umami Source Directly from Japan

Umami rich seaweed is one of the staple ingredients in Japan. Seaweed specialty company, K-Seaweed, has just launched their online shop for the U.S. consumers....
Japanese Culture

Bushwick Blue: Revival of a Dying Art

Once obsolete, Japanese indigo dyeing is coming back with a modern twist. Chopsticks’ writer tried the ancient dyeing method at BUAISOU. in Bushwick....
Japanese Recipe

Tonkatsu Pizza

Chef/instructor Mark Bello at Pizza a Casa created a pizza inspired by “Tonkatsu”, a Japanese style pork cutlet served with hearty sauce and shredded cabbage. ...
Japanese Resaurant Review


49 Clinton St., (bet. Rivington & Stanton Sts.), New York, NY 10002 TEL: 212-777-7069 / Tue-Thu: 6 pm-12 am, Fri & Sat: 6 pm-1:30 am, Sun: 5 pm-11 pm Karaage gets its zest from a garlic-s...
Sake & Shochu Sommelier

200 Years Old Brewery Goes Worldwide

Deeply rooted in Kasumi, Hyogo Prefecture, Kasumi Tsuru brewery has a long history with spirits in producing their own full-bodied sake by using traditional brewing methods. ...
Beauty & Health Interview

Bringing Nail Art Trends from Japan

Veteran nail artist, Yukie Natori, talks about how she pioneered in the nail art industry and shares practical tips for you to take care your nails. ...
Japanese Shops

Gaufre by Kobe Fugetsudo

Gaufre is a thin wafer sandwich created about 90 years ago in Japan, and is a perfect blend of the Western and Japanese sweets cultures....
Japanese Language Lesson

Japanese Crossword

Do you know Japanese culture? Test yourself with our fun, new Japanese crossword puzzle...
Travel to Japan

Off the Beaten Path Bypassing Kansai and San-in

Relatively unknown to foreign travelers, the Tajima region in Hyogo Prefecture offers interesting spots and activities that are enjoyed by Japanese....

Legendary Violinist Taro Hakase Performs in NY

Taro Hakase is a world-renowned violinist whose music defies perceptions of the classical genre. His pop-infused compositions and charismatic showmanship are known to get fans dancing at his concerts, he counts the Roll...
Cool Japan

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The animal sign of year 2015 is sheep/lamb. Julia Szabo explores the sheep shaped, kawaii fashion items for warming up babies. ...
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Kikkoman soy sauce
Which name is given to sake that has no alcohol additives?