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Annual Back to School Issue

From Japan-related school/classes to cosplay suggestions, here we introduce ideas that will bring something new into your life this coming fall
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iDo Holistic Center

iDo Holistic Center

Japanese massage spa iDo Holistic Center specializes in shiatsu, acupuncture, and herbal medicine to make your dreams of a healthy life come true. New clients can get the Over-50% Off Massage Package which includes 30 minutes of herbal sauna and 60 minutes of massage (choice of Shiatsu, Deep tissue and Swedish massages) for $68 (reg. $140). Acupuncture is $95 for all clients.
Celebrity Talk

OBAKE in J-Pop Culture

Summer is the season when people talk about “obake” (ghosts/monsters) in Japan. Here, Chopsticks NY explores how obake are enjoyed in Japanese popular culture...
What's New?

Synchronizing Beauty, Charm, and Nature

Synchronicity is an accessory and crystal boutique that highlights the allure and sophisticated beauty of crystals in delicately hand crafted jewelry...
Japanese Culture

Festive Summer Apparel – The Yukata

Here we take a closer look at Japan’s most festive traditional outfit, the yukata, and also describe how to put one on for your next summer outing...
Japanese Recipe

Boeuf Brisket

This month, Owner/Chef Bao Bao of Baoburg shares a Boeuf Brisket recipe incorporating white miso to add an Asian twist to this very American dish...
Japanese Resaurant Review

Matsu Sushi

Located in Astoria, Matsu Sushi has enjoyed popularity in the neighborhood for years with original Japanese food creations like their Astoria Roll and Godzilla Roll...
Sake & Shochu Sommelier

1000 Golden Gourds of Success

For 19 generations, Suzuki Shuzoten has created sake that lives up to the “Hideyoshi” brand name with unique selections such as Namacho and LaCHAMTE...
Beauty & Health Interview

Healthy Detox for Your Head

Ms. Ikuko Watanabe of Salon Mignon chats treatments that detox the scalp and help rejuvenate hair for a more natural, healthier look...
Japanese Shops

Toro Hamachi “Cho Rei Kun” Frozen Yellowtail

Toro Hamachi uses a special processing technology, which allows hamachi (yellowtail) to preserve its rich red bloodline and maximize its original beauty and taste...
Japanese Language Lesson

Japanese Crossword

Do you know Japanese culture? Test yourself with our fun, new Japanese crossword puzzle...
Travel to Japan

Japan’s Minimalist Pod Airport Hotel

Japanese capsule hotel chain, Nine Hours, has opened a new location in Narita Airport, which offers travelers a unique Japanese experience while spending the night...

Taro Hakase

World-renowned violinist, Taro Hakase will be bringing one of his high spectacle pop performances to New York City on Dec. 5...
Cool Japan

Kawaii in New York “Kurozato”

Kurozato are dark-brown, rock-like sugar that can be enjoyed by themselves or used as an excellent sweetener substitute for baking...
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A-kind Kikkoman soy sauce
Edo period is also called Tokugawa Shogunate because the country was ruled by the Tokugawa family. Who was the first Tokugawa shougun during this era?
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Aged at 14°F for 1 year, this golden hued sake has a wonderful aroma and a transparent taste. Drink chilled in a large wine glass.