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Cleanse and Detox

The First Steps to Maintaining Health and Natural Beauty

Enjoy Supreme Beef

Wagyu and Washugyu: discover why these game changers are making a big splash in the U.S. beef market
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Kiteya means “please visit us” in the Kyoto dialect of Japanese. We offer a variety of products such as wrought iron decorations, kids clothing, washi papers and more. Luxury line of handbags and scarves made from traditional Yuzen dyed kimono cloth available.
Celebrity Talk

Patricia Field

New York’s iconic fashion stylist and designer, Patricia Field, is a huge japanophile. Here, she talks about her career and reveals her love for anything and everything Japanese...
What's New?

Shake and Toast! New Jelly-type Sake with Fizz

Developed by Ozeki Sake, IKEZO is a sake-based cocktail that features a jelly-like texture and fizz perfect for female consumers and sake newcomers...
Japanese Culture

Eco-Friendly and Stylish Newspaper Bag

Newspaper bag making is a fun, creative way to take a pile of already read newspapers and make them into handy and stylish carrying bags...
Japanese Recipe

Toragashi Chicken Tacos

This month, Executive Chef Micheal Armstrong of Bodega Negra combines savory chicken tacos with two types of “togorashi pepper” for an added spicy kick...
Japanese Resaurant Review

Shochu and Tapas Aya

Owned by a shochu sommelier, Shochu and Tapas Aya, is a rare establishment that offers over 35 different shochu to pair with delicious Japanese style Italian dishes...
Sake & Shochu Sommelier

Enticing the World with Flower Yeast Sake

Tenju Brewery uses four uniquely different flower yeasts for their award winning sake, such as Chokaisan Junmai Daijingo, which has a distinctive aroma ...
Beauty & Health Interview

A Haircut Designed Just for You

Kei of Warren-Tricomi Salon shares his approach to finding the perfect hairstyle for each individual client and also makes suggestions for keeping your hair healthy...
Japanese Shops

III Step System Bra by Bradelis New York

Created by Bradelis New York, the III Step System bra is specifically designed to be comfortable and fashionable while re-shaping the bust line for a more beautiful figure...
Japanese Language Lesson

Japanese Crossword

Do you know Japanese culture? Test yourself with our fun, new Japanese crossword puzzle...
Travel to Japan

Onsen-Hopping in Historical Kaga

The historical Kaga City is a popular hot spring town that features four different onsen areas to visit such as Yamanaka and Yamashiro Onsen...

Taro Hakase

World-renowned violinist, Taro Hakase will be bringing one of his high spectacle pop performances to New York City on Dec. 5...
Cool Japan

Kawaii New York

Explore kawaii culture in New York City with cute Japanese gifts, sweets, and much more!...
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Kikkoman soy sauce
Sumo wrestlers are called sekitori. What is the highest title a sekitori can earn?
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Aged at 14°F for 1 year, this golden hued sake has a wonderful aroma and a transparent taste. Drink chilled in a large wine glass.